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Aug 28

There’s been one service that’s a saving grace when it comes to the hustling and adulting of my 20’s.

No seriously – the last few years have seemed like a hamster wheel. I’m not sure if it’s just #adulting or if it’s a mixture of having a job that’s hard to turn off plus the tasks of being a young adult (anyone relate?). For me, work-life balance has been a tricky to-do to master in my early 20’s – realizing that just the mundane everyday maintenance of life plus work is a lot to handle.

Enter Favor: a delivery service that has dramatically helped make this single girls’ busy lifestyle a whole lot more restful in Austin, and for many others in Dallas/FT Worth, Houston and lots more Texas cities. I’ve been using the Favor app for 2 years now, and I’m talking often – at least 2-4 times a week. I’m not big into cooking, usually don’t use any groceries if I do attempt to go grocery shopping (oops, nope) – and healthy eating is important to me. That’s where Favor comes into play. Getting healthy food delivered to me when I’m on a conference call, have time-sensitive emails or meetings to tackle, or simply just need to stay home and rest instead of picking up food – all have been a game changer for achieving more balance.

So what is Favor?

It’s a delivery service that offers deliveries on:
1. Food
2. Wine & beer
3. Anything – makeup, clothes, cleaning supplies (y’all this comes in handy for me when I am sick!)

My personal favorites to have Favored in Austin? Tacodeli for lunch (I stick to the healthier tacos), boba tea for fun when the girls are over (Coco’s Cafe), H-E-B for supplies (when I’m really in a crunch or sick), or H-E-B for groceries and that bottle of rosé, too! I also order healthier salad options on repeat. Find more about their services here. And by the way, Favor offers unlimited free deliveries your first month!

On top of chatting about my favorite app above, I thought I’d name a few more of my favorite work-balance tips and tricks below. Enjoy!

1. Schedule rest on your to-do list (use the app wanderlust – it’s a to-do list that syncs to your browser and phone) or set alarms to take breaks (if you work for yourself or are in school).
2. Put away your smartphone at night – did you know it causes your brain to be addicted to it?
3. Find friends outside your circle of work – conversation outside work is a good idea.
4. Use Favor’s first free-month of deliveries to get anything in your hands when you’re in a time bind.
5. Let the morning pave your day – prayer and meditation is a great way to working towards a healthy and balanced mind.
6. Exercise it out – the dopamine and adrenaline is good for you!
7. Find a hobby and do something you love with your precious time! You know what they say – yolo.
8. Give yourself grace – trust the process; a healthy lifestyle takes time to create and steward.

Be sure to check out the Favor app here – first- time users get a month of free deliveries – and hope you enjoy my tips and tricks! XO

Photos by Divina Stennfeld

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