Welcoming Change

To put it frankly: I’m really excited for 2017. 

Change is definitely in the air — and I was excited to start the year off by switching things up on Instagram and changing my blog handle to my real name @jessi_afshin. My health was also a major factor, wrapping up 2016 with figuring out some major food allergies and walking into 2017 with discernment and practice on eating healthy. My office went through a mini-redesign (see below) as refreshing the workspace is always a good idea. The list goes on (however, most being fairly small — but good), as change is a crucial part of hitting refresh.

When it comes to change, it’s always good — except it’s difficult to implement. Especially if you’re like me who lives in routine and is somewhat of a slave to habit. This year, I encourage you to look at things that maybe you found yourself getting used to; routines that you had no idea were even routines, and find a way to switch things up for 2017 — whether big or small. Because just simply taking one small step is a step in the right direction. 

Happy Monday, darlings! XOXO

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  1. Jennifer

    Your office is so cute!

    I think implementing small change is a great idea. I recently read Grace Not Perfection and I think that book is going to help me so much this year on making changes in my life!


  2. Jessica

    Thank you for the inspiration today! 2017 is my “kick it into gear” year and coming across this post today has just reinforced how I feel about it all. A a routine, unless its truly needed, takes away the enjoyment of life and while we should all remain focused on our goals and resolutions, life is too short to be afraid to change. I love reading your posts!

  3. Shannon Jenkins

    Loving you office design! So adorable! Love the wallpaper!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

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