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The perfect workout hoodie for FallOutdoor Voices x The Darling Detail

When I started my blog over a year ago, there was one thing I cut out of my life to make time for my blog: working out.

Tisk tisk, I think to myself. A year and a half of athleticism I’ve missed out on, simply because “I don’t have time.”  Okay 1, 2, 3, go. Let’s all let out a shared sigh…because we all know how it feels to cut one of the most important things out of our regime, simply because of what we call a lack of time. I’ve been waiting for a reason to wake up at 5 every morning, put on my running, cycling, work-gear and just simply get going. And the reason is here: Outdoor Voices is coming to Austin and I couldn’t be more ready/excited. Outdoor Voices’ mantra is all about making sure that the activewear not only performs, but that the apparel also looks good and fits well. In their words: “doing things is better than not doing things, and Outdoor Voices makes clothing for exactly that Purpose.”

One of my purposes: to still feel confident about myself while I am active (even if I’m not used to be active all the time). You’re thinking to yourself… one of your reasons to get out there and start doing things is the active apparel you’re wearing?  Yes, I am a proud fashion major, fashion blogger, and fashion-ista that is head over heels in love with all things… fashion—even when I am working out. What’s your purpose? How can you get yourself to just simply go, get out, and do things?

Outdoor Voices is based in NYC, now here in Austin, and all clothing is made in LA. Austinites:: pop on over to their soft O-P-E-N-I-N-G at 606 Blanco, Clarksville (right near Clarks Oyster Bar) on Thursday October 2nd, from 5pm-8pm. You can also shop their collection online here, or scroll down to shop the Outdoor Voice goodies (hoodie, leggings, sports bra) as well as Nike running shoes I’m sporting in this post. And don’t forget: go, get out and simply do things… and look and feel good while you’re doing them.

Photography by Jordan Afshin

The perfect workout hoodie for FallThe Darling Detail x Outdoor VoicesNike Free 5.0The perfect workout hoodie for FallThe perfect workout hoodie for FallFall Workout AttireThe Darling Detail | White Elephant DesignsNike Free's 5.0 - so darling!The Darling DetailNike Free 5.0 - so pink!OV-Austin-Invite-Oct-02The Darling Detail

The Darling Details:

Outdoor Voices Hoodie | Nike Free 5.0 in Hyper Pink | Outdoor Voices Leggings | Outdoor Voices Sports Bra | Monogram Camelbak Waterbottle by White Elephant Designs

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  1. I love this outfit! I agree, you should always workout in an outfit you love! =) Me…I workout because I love it and it keeps me in shape for dancing.


  2. Those pants are amazing! And I have those same runners and adore them!

  3. Love the casual work out outfit! You should check out Hemlets, cuffs for your leggings to add a pop of color to your leggings. Check out our site: Hemlets.com

  4. sarah

    Can I ask about sizing?! I am thinking of ordering some OV leggings and not sure. What size did you get? What size are you in other brands (lulu, nike…)?

    1. Hi Sarah! I got a small! I think an XS would have worked too.. but I like to go for a looser fit rather than a more suffocated feel. I would say I’m an XS/S in lulu and nike as well. I’m sorry this isn’t much help, enjoy your new leggings! xoxo

  5. jane

    Hello! What size is the hoodie you are wearing? It looks amazing!

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