We Launched a Jewelry Line:: Made by Survivors of Trafficking


May 20

It’s another big launch day and this one’s extra special. 

I never in a million years dreamed I would be launching a jewelry collection. Especially after working at the Kendra Scott headquarters for three years starting at the age of 19 (back when they had one store – OG over here) and then moving into the fashion space after graduation. But this new line – a 3-piece necklace collection – has so much depth and purpose behind it, I want to dig right into the good stuff.

Our mission: It’s Shop Darling Detail’s first sparkly product created by Sanctuary Project – a community of survivors of trafficking, violence, and addiction–but also a non-profit dedicated to restoring women’s lives in Austin. If you’ve been around since February – you know about the beautiful relationship that God has molded between my fashion blog and Sanctuary Project. If you’ve purchased one of our sweatshirts or diaries, these women are the ones who packed up and shipped your order to you. We’re pretty passionate about employing those in need and our mission is not only dedicated to using my influence to point the fashion world to God’s grace–but we also want to give back to the community in Austin–particularly these women. This partnership has been so fruitful that hundreds of girls have rallied around our cause, and have helped spread the word. Even Nordstrom Barton Creek approached me this spring and wanted to get involved in our partnership and allowed us to sell our goodies in their store at a Shop Darling pop-up.

Our jewels: I’ll never forget the Christmas my mother gifted me the simple gold cross necklace my dad had given her their first year of marriage. It was soon after I was fully saved – and I wore it e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y. Always lacing my neck, it soon became a staple in every single photo living on the fashion blog. The cross quickly became the notorious piece e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e asked about – constant DMs and comments asking where to find a simple gold cross. My team and I searched the internet for a similar; but the problem is that we could never simply find one just like it – that was simple, minimal, in stock and affordable. Enter our collection. Holly Christine Hayes, founder of Sanctuary Project, and I put our type-3-enneagram-achiever minds together and created a 3-piece necklace collection that embodied everything I couldn’t find in a necklace. Here goes:

The Standard Darling Cross Necklace – Mirrored off of Jessi’s family heirloom and the most classic and timeless of them all, you’ll love displaying this pretty and simple cross.

The Dainty Cross Choker – A smaller chain with a smaller cross; but don’t let the name choker fool you.  With an adjustable chain, you can wear it as a shorter necklace or a choker.

The Dainty Star Choker – Inspired by a dream I had where I was wearing a gold star choker, this piece is Pinterest’s favorite bauble and I am so excited about it.

Shop our entire collection here, including our coral sisterhood hats that say “chase, grace darling”! Remember, every single purchase – including our necklaces, sweatshirts, and diaries – is packed up and shipped by survivors of trafficking. So we thank you in advance for believing in our mission, spreading the love and and supporting our ministry!


Photos by Divina Stennfeld

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