The Summer Skincare Lowdown


Jun 25

Also known as the summer skincare skinny. 

Skincare is something I take very seriously. After dealing with acne for so many years – picking apart my face in insecurities – and watching friends have the same issues (n-o-f-u-n), it’s the one area of beauty that I’m pretty hardcore about. Growing up with acne, I always tried to cover up my scars or blemishes with more–more makeup, more concealer, more more more. I caked tons of foundation and bronzer on my face, trying to cover up the thickness of the matted concealers by drawing black circles around my eyes and adding in dark shadows and more mascara. This season lasted through late high school into college and post graduation. That is – until I started to take my skincare, my health, what I was putting into my body (food), and stress management seriously (read about all the steps I took at age 23 here). I used to call these days the dark days; it’s when I completely cleansed myself of a toxic lifestyle that was affecting my mind, body and stomach, and ultimately my skin. In the middle of it all, I stumbled upon Tula when I made my first purchase off of a friend’s discount code. And in my head: it’s a probiotic skincare brand with darling packaging (that’s all I remember thinking).

Amidst the lifestyle changes, I worked Tula into my daily routine and began purchasing the brand myself – simply just starting with their face wash.  I remember seeing and feeling small results pretty instantly. I had never had a skincare routine and had used products like face wash from grocery stores, etc. I truly believe this was one of my biggest hindrances from clearing my skin from the get-go. Within a few months to maybe a year, Tula reached out for a partnership, and by that time I was sold, smitten and fully dedicated. We created a discount code for my girls – and I wrote my first-ever skincare and acne post (raw and real – read it here). The rest is history; I said sayonara to beach and vacations embellished with breakouts and popping pimples and welcomed clear skin. A skincare success story but a challenging process.

During my long rendezvous with breakouts, I remember beach and summertime were the hardest. It’s when your skin can barely breathe, clogged with salt, sea, sand, sweat, heat, humidity and more. I remember thinking: I just want a natural makeup look –  and one of my biggest brags on the line is how their products have jump-started me to hardly wearing any makeup at all on a daily basis, ditching makeup at the beach and simply just taking care of my skin instead. Tula just released two new products that help with summer skin and exfoliation – so I’m going to break down my favorite summer products by TULA below starting with basics.

Don’t forget my discount code: JESSI for 20% off your whole purchase. 🙂 

The Skincare Skinny –


1. Tula Purifying Face Cleanser – the first Tula product I ever used. My favorite part about the cleanser is that it is also a makeup remover, allowing me to ditch the expensive Neutrogrena face wipes that were hurting my lashes when taking off mascara. This soft and pillowy cleanser replaced also my Neutrogena acne cleanser. Discount code: JESSI for 20% off

2. Tula pH Pro-Glycolic 10% pH Resurfacing Gel – the toner that changed everything for me. Discount code: JESSI for 20% off

3. Tula Aqua Infusion Gel Cream – it’s like drinking 8 glasses of water in 2 pumps. This is the moisturizer I *highly* recommend to soothe and fill up your dry summer skin. Discount code: JESSI for 20% off


1. Tula Acne-clearing Gel – the minute I see a blemish coming along, I go straight to this acne gel. I’ve never used a product that clears my pimples within 1-3 nights. It’s that good. Discount code: JESSI for 20% off

2. Tula So Polished Exfoliating Scrubthis just in–exfoliation is a big deal to keeping things clean. My facialist has told me over the past few months the one thing I’m missing from my routine is exfoliating and because of it, I had a ton of black heads. This pineapple-y blend of real sugar (used to exfoliate) + pineapple and papaya have naturally occurring enzymes that that chemically exfoliate the skin. This fruity blend is the key to scrubbing deep down into those pores and cleansing them. This product just launched this summer and the fruit-embellished smell is oh so delicious. Discount code: JESSI for 20% off


1. Tula Blurring and Moisturizing Primer – Tula did it big with this one – brand new, this baby is a primer that smoothes, mattifies, moisturizes and fills your skin with probiotics, prebiotics, turmeric, chia seeds, and more goodness that instantly smooth the look of uneven tone and redness. I put this primer on under my bareMinerals powder, and swiped on some bronzer for a natural sun-kissed glow at the beach this week. JESSI for 20% off

2. Tula Brightening Eye Balmmy favorite product ever. First of all – it’s cooling; there’s nothing like swiping a cooling sparkle under the eyes when you’re sleepy, sweaty, tired or hot. I use it instead of an under-eye concealer when I don’t want to wear any makeup at all (maybe a bit of bronzer if anything). This product has sold out every time they’ve released it, giving you the perfect amount of glimmer right under the eye. JESSI for 20% off


  • Drink double, triple, quadruple the water – I struggle with this; but one thing that’s helped me is purchasing a cooling water bottle and making sure it’s always stocked with H20.
  • Take collagen, fish oil and more – supplements are always a good idea.
  • Light on dairy and gluten – so hard, but it moves those mountains; as both foods are inflammatory
  • Light on the stress, easy on the peace – a healthy and balanced lifestyle and mindset plays so much into keeping your skin fresh and glowy. 🙂

I hope this post is helpful for my girls looking for tips to help clear their skin and adjust to the rising temps. Happy summer, sweeties! XO J 

Thank you Tula, for sponsoring this post. Every opinion is my own.

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  1. Ruth Josey

    I’ve never heard of Tula before but would love to try it. That eye cream especially sounds like something I want to look into further! Those are some great tips for healthy skin. I struggle with the water intake, too. I know I should be having at least 20 oz more per day. Maybe I need to add mint leaves and cucumber or something to flavor it up a bit. I can’t give up milk so I’ll just have to live with any inflammatory issues that might pop up. I didn’t realize milk was a problem :/ Thanks so much for sharing!

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