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Jan 30


You know those mornings?

We’ve all had those mornings – rushing out the door, pants are on inside out (haha, you know I’m serious though), side-swipe a pole in the garage because you basically rolled out of bed (hi Dad, I know you’re reading this!), starving, #hangry, forgot to brush your teeth and I don’t know what else, on and on and on. You know those mornings? It’s definitely safe to declare this fact: the way I manage my mornings has a huge impact on the rest of my day.

Since I wasn’t able to shoot last week (came down with a t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e cold that just doesn’t want to go away), I thought I’d do a little number on how I like to better organize my mornings – and make them a bit more peaceful. Let’s take a shot at it:

  1. Music to Your Ears: Set an alarm that plays a song that you feel is associated with good energy and inspires you (on iPhones, you can definitely do this if you own the song on iTunes). Versus – spending the first 30 seconds of your waking day to an alarm that makes those ears bleed upon morning arrival. My friend Greg taught me this and waking up to a pump-up song makes hearing the alarm a little less painful.
  2. Stay Asleep: Have a protein shake before bed. People who wake up between 3-4 am often wake up because they’re blood sugar is yelling … “hello, I’m hungryyyy!” Having a small protein drink right before bed has helped cure me of my nightly wake-ups.
  3. The Outfit: I love this tip. Thinking about your outfit before going to bed is always a good idea. Trying on a million different things when you’re in a time crunch rush is simply a recipe for disaster. There’s something so soothing about having a perfectly planned-out outfit awaiting you.
  4. Feel Accomplished: Make your bed – There’s some type of study out there that says successful people make their beds. Who knows if I’m quoting that one right – but I believe it. Feel accomplished by simply getting something as simple as making your bed done at 7 am. It’s just a little task – but it makes you feel great when you come back home at the end of the day!  Do this and a pat yourself on the back!
  5. Make Time for Peace: Simply sitting down and “being” is essential to starting the day on the right note – 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes; quiet time, coffee time, prayer time, staring at the wall in a blank stare time. I don’t care what time it is – allowing extra time for a breath of peace will get you on a well-balanced and mindful track for the rest of the day. A good trick for practicing this is associating your “still time” with something you love. This could be drinking your favorite foamy latte, listening to your favorite type of calming music, cuddling with your pet, taking a walk, staring at a view or sunrise. The association to something you love will have you wanting to wake up and repeat one morning after the next.
  6. Press Play: I used to listen to intense upbeat music in the morning while getting ready – until I realized that the type of music was accelerating my heart rate and quite honestly just: stressing me out. My mind would be running in a million places, over-analyzing about a million to-do’s that I hadn’t even faced yet. I’ve learned that listening to chill, calming music or podcasts is always a good idea for finding peace in the morning, because it distracts you from the to-do’s ahead. (Tip: Spotify has good playlists made for this.)
  7. The Mindset: If you know me personally, you know that I am a firm believer in speaking and believing things/events into fruition, aka the self-fulfilling prophecy. Sounds-kind-of-crazy-I-don’t-care. Believing in things to come true, speaking success into your future, and speaking positivity into your day sets the tone for the day. Doubt and fear are the enemy; let positivity take flight.
  8. The Social Media: Don’t touch, don’t do it! At least not until you’re out of bed; it’s the key secret to not laying in bed dreading the day ahead.
  9. Anything but #Hangry: I struggle with this one – and not being able to eat gluten and dairy isn’t the easiest. But I’ve learned having something other than coffee prevents that mid-morning headache and #hangry anxious feeling. A healthy and small breakfast such as a green smoothie with protein, a granola bar, rice cakes with almond butter and honey, or turkey bacon and avocado and eggs are all small alternatives that will hold you over.
  10. The bedtime: Okay, Jessi … this sounds like a lot. Just simply getting in bed 30 minutes earlier – helps me wake up a little bit earlier. Try it! 21 days to make a habit – it may help! XOXO

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  1. Kelsye @ So Much Life

    #8… necessary, but soooooooo hard! Haha!

  2. Robin Paris

    Wow. Printing this one out! Some of it is a bit of a challenge when you have a retired hubby who stays in bed after you get up. And when he does, wants all your attention. I guess I will have to work on the getting up earlier thing, and make HIM make the bed! That will guarantee silence and peace in my morning. Will also pass on to him the protein before bed idea. He’s awful about waking up between 3 – 4 am. That might hold him!

  3. courtney shields

    I’ve defiantly had my fair share of “those mornings”! Yesterday, I spent the whole day with my underwear inside out #winning. LOVE all of these tips! Making the bed is a total must in our household. It really makes the biggest difference!

  4. Jessica

    I love a good morning routine! I’ve been trying to get a solid one down every since reading the Miracle Morning. While I’m still bouncing between a concrete routine I don’t stray from – that book was AMAZING! My favorite morning routine is definitely making my bed and splashing my face right after waking up. Both are SO good!

    xo, jess

  5. stylemelauren

    aww so sorry you’ve been sick! I love this post so much though…I’m so with you on having a bedtime snack! A small smoothie is perfect to helping you stay asleep. Love the podcast or calming music in the morning too…way better than intense music!! Feel better! XO

  6. Carolyn Unwin

    I’m so hopeless at not touching social media I.M.M.E.D.I.A.T.E.L.Y when I wake up. I aspire to more self-control….. All great advice – thank you!

  7. Shannon Jenkins

    Love this! I needed a little inspiration today!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  8. Alyssa

    I always think about my outfit for the next day before bed too! I love it. This is such a great post idea, I love all these tips! xx

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