Talking Health: How I Stay Fit + What I’m Eating + Workout Routine

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Because working on you is good for you.

Whether it’s working out or working on you, health has been a big topic amongst my family these past couple weeks. I’m not sure if it’s about being in your 20’s or if it’s just my personal world – but taking care of my health has been on the forefront and it’s there to stay. Health [in my mind] looks like a lot of different things; whether it’s emotional health, spiritual health, physical health – so many different things contribute to one’s all over healthy goal. In this post, I wanted to break down what health means to me–my personal routine, my workout routine, and health. After that – I’ll be dishing my favorite workout brands at Nordstrom and why. So let’s go.

H E A L T H:

 What I’m putting into my body on a daily basis:

  1. Water – I notice a dramatic change in brain fogginess, and my skin, hair, etc. when I’m hydrated. I even sleep better when I’ve gotten my full water intake. I’m quite the coffee drinker, so the more the caffeine (or alcohol), the more I double the water. For me personally, carrying around water bottles helps me meet goals; otherwise I just simply forget to drink up.
  2. My Daily Vitamins & Supplements – these include a multiple vitamin, fish oil, b12, milk thistle, and probiotics. I use Care/Of Vitamin packs and I love them!
  3. Lots of Proteins and Vegetables – my meals are always focused around a protein and a vegetable. I know it sounds boring (and let’s be honest – it is), but I truly feel the best when I stick to this regimen.
  4. Avocado: a lot of it. Good fats are good for you and they fill me up; I love avocados and the benefits they contain for my skin!

What I try to avoid eating on a daily basis: 

  1. Sugar. Although I love myself a Pillsbury cinnamon roll or cookie or 2 or 5 (ha), I know disease and cancer primarily feed off of sugars in our body; plus it sticks to our figures too. I really struggle with this around “that time of month” but other than that – I try to not eat too many fruits (they break down into sugar) or keep any products with sugar in my apartment. When I have them around, I’ll snack on them immediately.
  2. Bread. Reducing bread in my diet probably has more impact on my figure than anything else. On top of that – reducing bread also has huge effects on my everyday health. Within the first 20 minutes after I eat bread, I instantly fall into a sleepy fatigue. After cutting down on gluten 3 or 4 years ago, bread is something I’ve tried to stay away from due to the effects it has on my body. However, I will splurge on an occasional thin-crust pizza 🙂
  3. Unhealthy Snacks. I’ve noticed once I start, I can’t stop – so I usually just eat 2 1/2 – 3 large meals a day, sans snacking. This is personal, however, as what I usually choose to snack on is unhealthy and again – once I start I can’t quite stop.
  4. Cheese. I still eat it; just not as much of it.
  5. Alcohol. Although I do love a crisp glass of vino, I limit drinking due to the way it makes me feel. The less I drink, I’ve noticed the better my figure and the better I feel.

My emotional and spiritual health on a daily basis: They say emotions and stress are some of the biggest causes of diseases that wreck your health. What to do to avoid it? Laughter, joy and peace are a few of goals I’ve made for 2019 – as emotional well-being is something that can be overlooked or forgotten in the middle of so much visible success. For me personally, here are some of the ways I maintain a healthy mind and healthy life.

  1. I pray every single day. It’s the first thing I do and I use a prayer journal because it’s meditative and I read the Bible because it’s encouraging. On days I miss this routine, the entire day is out of whack and it’s obvious the reason why.
  2. I fill my life with people who make me laugh. I love to be around people who make me laugh– whether it’s friends or family time. But if you ask me what the number one thing I look for in a prospective boyfriend (my answer is Jesus #1 duh), it’s that he can make me laugh or laugh alongside me.
  3. I listen to podcasts & music that soothe my soul. I’ve noticed anxious thoughts happen most when the world is so silent that my thoughts take over and are too loud. I love listening to encouraging podcasts; and a peaceful worship playlist for late nights.

My workout routine: Staying fit and active is so much more important than just having a body you’re confident about and feel good about. Staying active is a major part of a healthier you. It’s about feeding your cells with oxygen, letting them breathe and getting out and simply doing things.

  1. I take spin classes at RIDE between 3-4 times per week. I love the “challenge” associated with rhythm-based spin classes, and I believe the cardio increases dopamine, feeding creativity! For me personally, some of my best ideas are made in my mind in a spin class. Not joking!
  2. I walk every single day with Chloe. I add this in because I do believe walking (even if it’s not a lot) and staying active in the smallest way possible is important in keeping your mind and body healthy.
  3. Since things are so busy, I’ve had to forego it, but the other workout routine I love is Barre classes! It is so shaping and toning.

What I’m wearing while I’m at it: Although my fitness resolutions don’t change with the season, my gear does. I feel like January is the perfect time to freshen up on looking’ good while you’re working on feeling good. I live in an extremely casual city – where athleisure wear is the only wear – meaning I pretty much live in the below brands. And of course, when it comes to shopping at Nordstrom for activewear (it’s a really good idea with those free shipping and returns) – I’ve learned a thing or two about my favorite brands Nordstrom carries and why. Here goes:

  1. Outdoor Voices –  hands down my favorite workout brand; the leggings are perfect for spin classes and I love their company and what they stand for. If you haven’t tried their Athena crop or their high-waisted leggings yet, put them on your list! The leggings are not pictured above, but you can definitely find their pieces through my Instagram and pages of my blog.
  2. Zella – the most bang-for-your-buck kind of gear at Nordstrom. The Zella high-waisted legging starts at $54 and is probably one of the cheapest high-quality leggings at Nordstrom. I love this set by Zella – it fits so well and is so comfy! My only complaint is that the black high-waisted pair collects lint easily.
  3. Al0 – the chic-est of them all, this yoga brand (fit for yoga; but can stretch to other routines) also does the trick for me when it comes to their tops and sports bras + these really cute ripped leggings.


Photos by Jordan Afshin.

Thank you, Nordstrom, for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Jennifer Pickering

    I try to do all of this! If I do eat bread, I try to only do it once a day! I’m trying to pray more. I stopped recently because I felt like God didn’t care. I still don’t think he does but I’m back to praying again. May I ask how you made the widget from the post before?

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

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