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Beginning in high school and leading all the way to post-college, I suffered from a non-stop, hard-to-beat and incredibly discouraging case of acne.

I couldn’t stand looking in the mirror at large deep breakout wounds–and popping pimples was a side hobby. I hated how I broke out every time I traveled, I refused to film snap chat videos of my face because I was so self conscious of my weekly breakouts, and I consistently was on the hunt for a new foundation that covered my scars. All in all – I had a bad case of acne… and at age 25 I can humbly say I successfully squashed a major case of breakouts.  If you’re looking for my exact summer skincare routine, stay put. I thought I would dollop the blog with a dedicated summer skincare post, meaning this one’s dedicated to one of the toughest seasons to maintaining healthy skin: summa! If you’re looking for the how’s of how I beat acne, please scroll down to the end of this post to read my full guide – where I talk honestly through hormones, stress, water intake, food allergies + my favorite products.

Summer skincare is an entirely new project – we’ve got lots of sun, potentially lots of travel (which dries out your skin), lots of sweat, and a lot of temperature change – so a summer skincare post was top of mind this season. I’m going to cover my favorite products for clear healthy skin, what I put into my body, sunscreen and tanning process and more. Lez go:

Enter TULA: the probiotic-based skincare line that helped me squash breakouts (ta da!!). Yes – you’ve probably seen TULA all over Instagram; and yes – there’s a reason, because they are the real deal. I loyally stand by the line after watching their products totally change the way I view skincare. The goal of this post is to help you achieve healthy skin during the summer; to take care of your skin. I have a mixture skin type: half oily, half dry – so this should cover a lot of you girls and be applicable and helpful. And I have a couple of tips and tricks + exclusive TULA products that can help you protect your summertime skin too.

The Summer Skincare To Do’s:

1. Wash your face twice a day. Enter the Tula Purifying Face Cleanser. My favorite part about this face wash – aside from the insanely soft and smooth consistency – is that it’s an eye makeup remover too. Say sayonara to any makeup wipes or extra products you use for taking off makeup that are tough on the lashes or your eyes. This cleanser is all in one. It makes the process of washing your face quicker, it’s gentle, and it leaves your face feeling all the glowey feels. I’ve even gotten my mom hooked up on this probiotic cleanser and we’re both smitten.

-Use code: JESSI to get 20% off your entire TULA purchase. This code works more than once – so if you’ve already purchased with code: JESSI before, you can use it again and still get 20% off your entire purchase!

2. Here’s the product that changed my skin: the TULA pH Pro-Glycolic 10% pH Resurfacing Gel is my hands-down, best, favorite and most used skincare product *ever*. Previously, I dabbled with a million different grocery store toners and the breakouts continued. After using the Resurfacing Gel for only a week or so, I noticed clearer and healthier skin almost instantly after using this. After you wash your face, apply it to a cotton ball – and dab it on your face pre-moisturizer in the morning and at night. The alcohol-free toner combines probiotics, natural mushroom, beet, turmeric and blueberry extracts, leading to smoother, more even skin (that also softens appearance of fine lines and wrinkles).

-Use code: JESSI to get 20% off your entire TULA purchase. This code works more than once – so if you’ve already purchased with code: JESSI before, you can use it again and still get 20% off your entire purchase!

3. Moisturize day and night. We’re all sort of terrified of wrinkles, whether we like to admit it right? Well it’s a good idea to start preventing now and the secret recipe is: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. After being in the sun all day in the summer – I can just feel how dried out my skin is. And when it comes to moisturizing, I have two key options:

-Option 1: The TULA Hydrating Day & Night Cream; the most epic, lightweight cooling sensation you’ve ever felt. It’s like a pillowy liquid blanket for your skin and I use it all year round; day and night. The sensation is addictive and the consistency is dreamy.

-Option 2: The TULA new aqua infusion gel cream. This cream can be used instead of the above moisturizer and is extra special if you’re going to spend a ton of fun in the sun in this summer. Applying the aqua infusion gel to your face is like drinking 8 glasses of water in 2 pumps for your skin. It is *loaded* with probiotics and organic prickly pear extract that ensure hydrated skin all day.

-Use code: JESSI to get 20% off your entire TULA purchase. This code works more than once – so if you’ve already purchased with code: JESSI before, you can use it again and still get 20% off your entire purchase!

4. Drink double, triple & quadruple the water you normally drink during the summer. I don’t care how much moisturizer you’re using, I can look at someone’s face and simply tell if they’re dehydrated or not by looking at their… skin!  Your dehydration? It shows up smack on your face, which is enough encouragement to get your water chugging going. When I had acne, I never ever drank water (ever – and I cringe admitting that now). But it’s one thing I’ve changed drastically over the last two years. Water isn’t just natural medicine for your skin; it’s good for everything from fighting cancer to migraines, boosting your metabolism, and altering your stress levels. Because the sun doesn’t just cause dehydration, coffee and alcohol are big causes as well. Let’s raise those water glasses – ladies.

5. Wear sunscreen, but ditch the chemicals. When I was battling acne, I struggled with finding a sunscreen that didn’t make my skin break out (I was that sensitive). My holistic practitioner recommended baby sunscreen – it has a high SPF and it’s sans the chemicals that cause the breakouts. It’s made for babies and sensitive skin too. My face is significantly lighter than the rest of my body during summer, because I’m sure to wear sun screen and protect from harsh rays and the wrinkles that come with them. One of my readers also just suggested Thinkbaby sunscreen, which I’ll give a try!

6. Take fish oil supplements – the best recipe for healthy, skin and nails. I cannot go a day without my fish oil supplements. I saw an immediate change in my skin, my hair is growing back faster than ever (after years of damaging extensions), and my nails are growing  thicker and stronger. Fish oil is also good for your memory, brain and energy levels!

7. Mix collagen into your coffee or smoothie. Collagen is the healthy stuff behind your skin; it’s what soft baby skin is swimming in, it’s what our skin craves to be healthy. So let’s get more of it. I add just a smidgen to my coffee every morning.

8. Take a moisturizing mask when you travel. Not only does the sun dry out your skin, but the altitude and dry air on planes are suffocating. Every time we travel, my mom and I cannot wait to use The Tula Kefir Mask – it’s like a cinnamon bun wrapped up in a soft buttery mask that you can fall asleep in. It’s the epitome of girls’ mask night and it’s the ideal smell, texture and consistency; you can’t wait to put on your skin after a day in the sun. It’s a bit pricey – but every penny is worth it.

-Use code: JESSI to get 20% off your entire TULA purchase. This code works more than once – so if you’ve already purchased with code: JESSI before, you can use it again and still get 20% off your entire purchase!

9. Go light on dairy and up your good fat intake. Dairy, gluten and sugar are all inflammatory food groups – inflammation can show up on your body in lots of ways – but for a lot of us: it shows up smack in the middle of our face. I try to stay dairy and gluten free through all weekdays, and occasionally cheat on the weekends. Instead? Up your good fat intake. The easiest trick in the book – go for an extra avocado a week, seek out olive oil vinaigrettes and fill your body with those juicy good fats that are nothing less than beneficial for your skin.


Do you fake tan, or use a self-tanner?

No. I never have used a self tanner. I lay out 1-2 times a week and wear heavy sunscreen on my face (to protect from wrinkles and sun damage) and use lightweight tanning oil on my body. After tanning, I always make sure to use a lot of coconut oil on my body (blog post coming on that soon) to prevent pealing. I have to give this one to genetics; I’m half Persian and ever since I was a little girl – I tanned quickly and extremely dark during the summer. Thanks pops! If you’re looking for self tanners, I recommend checking out this guide by my friend Dani Austin, since I have 0 experience with spray tans or self tanners.

How did you beat acne? 

I’ve got a whole post dedicated to it – find all hormone, stress, food allergy, product detail, and holistic tips for beating acne here. This is one of my most popular posts ever and I poured my heart into it – I hope it’s helpful!

Do you use any products besides TULA?

Currently – no. TULA is the only brand I’ve used since my skin healed. I stand by their brand with loyalty and get pitched often to try other skincare lines but kindly decline. I’m actually still fearful of breaking out, so if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. Also, I love their use of probiotics in their products! Although it’s pricier than drugstore products, when I swapped TULA for those products, I saw immediate results.

I hope this guide is helpful – I worked so hard on this and worked hard to make sure it was 100% honest, organic, and resourceful. Again, I’m so excited to partner with Tula to get you girls a discount…so if you are interested in making a TULA purchase, use code: JESSI to get 20% off your entire TULA purchase.

Thank you, Tula, for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Photos by Divina Stennfeld

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  1. Jennifer

    I love Tula!! I know at one point you used Babyganics Sunscreen. I used to use that too but then I discovered something about it but for the life of me I can’t remember. Maybe it didn’t have a big enough % of zinc oxide for it work as long as it says. I’ll have to look at the packaging next time I’m at the store and get back to you on that. Other brands, Think Baby is really good. And also Beautycounter’s sunscreen is good too and it’s gentle enough for babies. I have super sensitive skin too and I really like it!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. Akshaya

    Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve been looking for a good staple skincare line – especially for dark circles!

  3. Tabitha

    Great post! I suffer from PCOS, which causes major breakouts, and I will say switching to organic products and eating healthy was a game changer. I definitely need to check out the Tula products for a more in depth cleaning.
    I will say drinking collagen (though awesome for your bones) doesn’t really help much with your skin. There’s a lot of complicated science behind it, but pretty much the collagen stays in you gut and never reaches your face. I think the only way to get more collagen for less wrinkles is through a dermatologist. Hope this helps!


  4. Marissa

    Love this post! I recently started using Tula and have definitely already seen a difference. I have suffered with acne and scarring since high school. I just moved to Austin and am looking for a holistic practitioner, who do you go to?

  5. Brigitte Evans

    I feel you on the acne prone skin… Had the same problem a few years back, and nothing seemed to be helpful… I was obsessed with cleaning my face! In the end, I have found Babor cosmetics and a great dermatologist that helped solve the problem.

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