Stewarding Your Time Wisely: To Do List with Nothing To Do

Self quarantine mode?

Stillness isn’t exactly a luxury we’re used to in the fast-paced 21st Century. The access to the world at our fingertips is always brewing a to-do list and a thank you next…until now.

This weekend, I watched the world [and myself] dance to a rhythm of fear – the media filling my mind with thoughts that were not my own, ones that normally aren’t welcome here. Feelings foreign to me entered into my home and safe place, disrupting my peace. Emotions that were driven by fear and manipulated by bandwagon to-do’s – I found myself just scrolling through social, google search results of viral symptoms, article, swipe, instagram story, swipe. Because of the idea of self quarantine mode – I found myself only seeking what’s in my phone. This made me robotically join the race to the grocery store (because everyone else did) then getting back on my phone and repeating more. 

Until it hit me: I am the steward of my emotions, of my to-do lists, yes this corona confusion has disrupted my plans, my campaigns, my job, my world – as churches, schools, jobs, banquets, events get canceled before me and I find myself with a blank slate for a world that is normally hypnotized by business and impulsivity.

What to do we do when we are called to just simply be? I started to scribble a to-do list for myself. What are realistic tasks that grow me, challenge me, and make me better? The more I began to create my list, I realized this list wasn’t just for me. I hope it blesses you too.

So let’s get into it – In this [corona-confusion] season, I will:  

  1. Save money, steward finances well. I just stocked up on tons of TJ’s frozen meals (admittedly, just because everyone else did). What does that do for me? It reduces the amount of cash I’m spending on lunches, dinners, drinks out (also manicures and more) over the next few weeks. Instead of belittling this season, I’m going to hit the transfer button – out of my checking account into my savings account. Even if it’s a little amount, you just helped your future financial you. boom. 
  2. Call someone important, and tell ‘em you love ‘em. What an opportunity we have right now to spread love, not fear. [Or shoot that special someone a text and let them know how  grateful you are for them.] Life becomes precious and fragile in seasons like these. Can we all tug at the deep parts of our hearts, perhaps where un-forgiveness is stored – and fill it with love? It’s moments like these where we must be reminded how love trumps all fear, life is precious, and we’re each fighting our own battle behind the scenes. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices in truth. The time is now to link together and rejoice for what we have today. 
  3. Turn off the world, tune into the Word of God. The Bible is the best selling book in all of history. There’s a reason it’s popular, and there’s a reason it changes lives, provides hope, and points us to a real truth. The media has a lot of messages blasting through our ears – this is a good time to anchor yourself in a message that can’t and won’t die with a season and can’t be silenced. Want to listen to something that went viral? It’s called the Good News, and it means we are saved by grace and not works. It means we have hope in seasons spiraled with fear: Jesus. In times like this, when disease and disaster has stirred the world because of a ripple of effect of sin, we are reminded to get grounded in the Word. Don’t know where to start? Start in 1 John or Matthew and read about Jesus. Be encouraged! If you’ve never read the Bible, try ordering this one!
  4. Clean out your closet. Okay Corona, you hit at the best possible timing for our closets. It’s that time; transfer out your winter clothes, bring out those spring clothes. As you do this, try using this blog post to help get rid of all clothes you won’t wear again. Donate them, or poshmark them if you need extra dollars. But remember, this is a really good time to give to those in need. 
  5. Laugh. It’s good for you. Proverbs 17:22 says it’s the best medicine – that means there’s wisdom behind this advice and we should all be listening, and laughing. 🙂 
  6. Get creative: collage your plans and goals, cut up magazine scraps or print out your favorite Pinterest pins. Try making a photo collage in your closet or bedroom and use fun and cute tape to hold ‘em up. The skies the limit when you’re the creator. More ideas: paint your nails and wash your makeup brushes!
  7. Get Grounded. Search your heart & work on gratitude lists… daily.  Matthew 6:21 says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Where are you storing your treasure? Where are you finding most of your value, what are you holding onto too tightly? This a great time for meditation, prayer, and to truly challenge yourself. Exercises like these are good for simple awareness. Have a challenge with the word surrender, and which areas can you not surrender? Write, dream, pray, doodle, nap. This doesn’t need to be rigid or religious. Get creative with your heart and this process.
  8. Rest and drink water. It’s the best possible thing for your immune system. Afraid of getting sick? Rest. Afraid of getting sick? Drink water. Afraid of getting sick? Repeat.
  9. Support small businesses and creatives. It’s a hard time to be a freelancer; I can admit that personally. Support small, and if you want to help support me: just know that every time you purchase off of any of my links, you are helping a small business. My goal is to post more affordable options in this season for you girls, and we have a really big sale on our shop! I am linking some amazon prime-able basics that are affordable, below. 🙂
  10. Find ways to love others better. Is this smiling at more strangers? Is it by donating financially to someone in need? Is it sparing a dollar to the homeless man around the corner? Or checking in on a friend or family member who has been bitter or distant. Is it encouraging someone on your social feed by sharing an encouraging word? Proverbs says, “Kind words are like honey…. sweet to the soul.” Poetic, real.

A happy reminder from my friends at Tula: 1.) sleep is essential, put away screens 1 hour before bed for better sleep. 2) Keep exercising and staying active – do it for your immune system!

Hope you feel encouraged and inspired. For more fueling content, check out today’s post on my faith-based account @my_darling_diary. 🙂

XO Jessi

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