Holiday How-To’s: Taking Care of My Skin

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Whenever I think the holidays are far away, I remember how quickly time passes by.

Seriously – as if summer didn’t just fly right by, fall is well on its way out and the holidays are happening just about now. Me? I’ve done Christmas shopping a time or two in advance – and let me tell you, those years were my favorite: stress-free for this busy-bee when they get done far in advance.

Today I wanted to talk my favorite *and only* skincare line – you know it all so well – Tula and their holiday shop and gift sets. First – you know the drill; I suffered from acne for years and started purchasing Tula on my own. As I worked with a holistic doctor on getting my body into a healthy shape, I used Tula as a topical solution for my skin and the two together worked quite the magic trick for my skin. Since then – I have been acne free (hallelujah) and have dedicated a lot of my posts here on the blog to helping you girls get to the same place I did. I personally understand what it’s like to wake up, pick apart your face, stress about it, and feel cringingly self-conscious when staring into a mirror (at least that’s how I felt); so no matter the time of year – I want to try and reiterate the steps I took that was my skincare saving grace.

Since my skin miracle, I have been working with Tula *exclusively* because I wear Tula *exclusively* on my skin to treat it. I still fear having acne come back – so this skincare routine is incredibly important to me, and near and dear to my heart. I think the greatest part about my relationship with Tula is I started using them as a consumer, and moved into creating a partnership with them that benefits you – a 20% off discount code: JESSI. Each darling’s skin is different so I recommend you read my post on how I beat acne if you’re interested in my full skincare journey. If you want the deals and steals, keep on reading!

So let’s talk gift sets. As you may have read here in my skincare routine (read also here how I beat acne) – I have a pretty specific AM and PM regimen. This includes:

My morning & night skincare routine:

  1. Tula Purifying Cleanser
  2. Tula Pro-Glycolic 10% Ph resurfacing Gel 
  3. Tula Hydrating Day & Night Cream

^that’s it! I try to keep things simple because I know a lot of you girls are trying my same skincare routine and skincare costs add up – I get it.

The best part is Tula made a gift set of my skincare routine (cleanser, pH Gel, Day & Night Cream, + added in two sheet masks and a cosmetic bag) for $78 (!). With my 20% off code that’s $62.40 – ba-boom (and if you add up each product individually they usually cost $130!). Let’s talk lists: Parents, what a wonderful gift for your daughters. Friends, this is a pretty and thoughtful gift for your sisters or girlfriends. Or why not simply gift one of these beautiful sets to yourself! <3

I’m listing the kits I got my hands on below – and ones I can’t wait to gift to my mum (shh don’t tell her) and my BFF:

  1. The Bright and Balanced Kit
  • Cleanser
  • Day & Night Cream
  • pH Gel
  • Sheet Mask x2
  • Large cosmetic bag

2. The Ultimate Self-Care Kit

  • Day & Night Cream
  • Eye Serum (love this for under-eye)
  • Illuminating serum (for a brighter face)
  • Exfoliating mask
  • Sheet mask x2
  • Large cosmetic bag

If you want to read more about my struggles with acne click here, more about my journey with acne scars click here. And click here for all of Tula’s gift sets!

Happy almost Christmas – cuties! XOX

Thank you, Tula, for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Photos by Divina Stennfeld

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