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Since my schedule is a bit all over the place right now, I’m just now realizing that it’s officially, finally September. Looking back on all my adventures this summer (Paris, London, the College World Series, graduating from the University of Texas, quitting my college job and moving on to bigger and better things), I decided it was time in my life set a few “resolutions” for a new month. Life is just going too fast to only have New Year’s resolutions once a year. Join me in creating 5 goals for yourself, to attain in one month. We’re making the rules here, so who’s watching if you don’t make all of them? Mine begin with…

  1. Learn how to actually cook. My whole family are avid chefs (even my brother who went to culinary school), so I’m sort of feeling like the odd one out. College was comprised of a whole lot of eating out, throwing something easy on the pan, and settling for less when it came perfecting a meal. So, it’s time, world–I’ll be cooking my way through this Fall (this is a goal I have to attain!) and am incredibly excited and passionate to dive into a whole new creative world (especially one so different from fashion).
  2. Sit up straight. Posture is something I worked on in Paris a lot. When you have to see yourself in photos (i.e., fashion blogs) all day, you notice posture more and more… and more. Standing up straight, sitting up straight, not being slouched over…they just look so much more beautiful and honestly, natural. So I’ve decided to put in the extra effort to attain it (woops, just realized I’m currently slouching now!). And hey, it’s better for you and your body too!
  3. Read more. Someone once told me, “The way to learn how to write is to read more.” I find myself spending a lot of time on instagram, pinterest, and watching E! (RIP Joan Rivers!) and not enough time curled up by a good book. I managed to read Gone Girl while I was in Paris this summer, and boy, that’s a page turner! Wonder what my next good read will be… let’s see if this one will actually happen!
  4. Start investing in winter basics… now. September is the devoted month of style in the online and fashion world. With the prospects of fashion week looming in the air and the designers debuting their highly anticipated spring lines, I can’t help but feel so excited about all things fashion. I’ve decided it’s time to invest more in basics and staples, not just those great one-time wears that never make it off the hanger once they’ve had their first debut. And what better time to invest in basics than fall/winter? Stay tuned for a lot more comfy, cozy, neutral basics and staples!
  5. Stop playing the comparison game. Have you read this article by Camille Styles? It’s an incredible cultivation of those feelings and emotions the social media game can induce on its followers, and a curation of tips and tricks on how to fight them. I find myself victim to this game almost every day. I’ll definitely be following a lot of these social media guidelines!

What are your September “resolutions”? Enjoy your weekend, and go live!

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  1. Antonella

    Good Luck! I need to make time for myself!


  2. Hey Jessi! I definitely need to start reading more too. I bought Gone Girl back in May from the Half-price Bookstore, but still haven’t started reading it lol. I definitely need to get to it though.
    Btw I go to UT too! I’m in grad school right now, but I did my undergrad degree in Business just like you! I was a Marketing major but I’m not sure what your focus was. We may have had a class together and didn’t even notice haha. Anyways, I’m glad I found your blog. Nice to know that there are other Austin blogger girls around. Have a good weekend!

  3. Dominique

    Thanks for the inspiration, Jessi! I love the idea of monthly resolutions~a great way to track accomplishments. And I agree with Liz~#5 is a must read for staying focused in today’s social media world. We all have unique gifts and should focus on giving them without comparison. Thank you for sharing yours~love your blog!

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