Food for the Soul: The April Bucket List

April is our challenge that awaits the most fast-paced generation that ever lived. 

It’s daunting and it’s here. Sure, we nervously laugh when we read the quarantine memes and laughter is good for us – but this season (what seems like forever) is truly, plain and simply put–pretty scary. There’re a lot of emotions going on, there is a lot of compassion we need to have, there’s a lot of prayer needing to be prayed, and there is a lot of wisdom needed in stewarding our everyday actions–whether that’s for the health of our minds/emotions or listening to the CDC and staying home and staying safe.

In this season, it feels really good to help others and it drives a sense of purpose when we all feel a bit stir-crazy and are unsure of what’s next. So checking in on your people is good. But most importantly, friends – we need to love well on ourselves. We need to check in our ourselves. Dear reader – don’t you forget about you. 

This one’s for you. I hope that you can find one thing on this list that helps rest your mind and heart, in whichever ways fits best for you.

The idea of focusing on ourselves and working on our hearts turned into a little Spring Inspo Bucket List  – pour toi. These aren’t homework, tasks, work, nada. They’re just fun things that are good for your mind and your heart in this season – that hopefully help you rest your mind, get you encouraged or boost your mood. Another tip: make sure you are taking a day completely off (also known as sabbath for just you). So we begin:

Restful Activities that are Good for the Soul: The Bucket List + Ideas to Do on Easter:

  • Take a full day / weekend / week off social. Do it for you – remember: no one’s going anywhere (literally), and content is getting repetitive. It’s a really good time to get off.
  • Give yourself grace: It‘s ok if you don’t get a million things done. Checking “give yourself grace” off your list each day is a big one.
  • Smile: moving your smiley muscles are proven to turn your mood around 🙂
  • Start and end your day with hot lemon water and honey – this soothing hot drink helps you to detox and builds your immune system, and it’s just good for your soul. Do it for your heart and immune system.
  • Mother Nature is calling: ‘Tis the season of fresh air, bike rides, and long walks. amen? 
  • Make gratitude lists at night – when anxiety creeps in. I love going to bed feeling grateful.
  • Start a Bible study in the morning – linking my favorite here. I feel so accomplished and encouraged every time I finish a page. 
  • Paint a rainbow. Paint, marker, crayon. You choose, join the worldwide movement. Linking options below. 
  • Invest in a good scent / candle to accommodate stillness. This candle has lasted me years. Also – try essential oils. 
  • Garden. It’s good way to give your mind a break and get your hands in the soil. Here’s a post on starting an herb garden. 
  • Spring clean and organize. **Only if you’re one of those that cleaning makes you feel good. If this isn’t you, thank you next. 
  • Bake something. Bake everything. 🙂 chocolate, encouraged!
  • Craft for good. Here’s how to make a face mask. 
  • Make beaded bracelets and send them to a friend with an encouraging hand-written note. Showing you how-to on @jessi_afshin highlights “crafts.”
  • Take up a new hobby: Mine is biking. I have been doing spin classes for 5 years – so I just bought this bike
  • Curate Spotify playlists that encourage you. Music can turn your day around: worship music, happy, all feel good things. 🙂
  • Make a bird house. My parents are doing this this weekend. How cute. 
  • Take epsom salt baths: salt is good for you. Get those toxins out while you relax! You can find epsom salts at grocery stores.
  • Try cooking a new recipe: go to Pinterest for pointers. This has been extremely helpful for me!
  • Chase after endorphins: I have been doing reps (that I learned from spin classes) with 3-lb weights from Amazon in my apt, and long walks out.
  • Pour yourself a glass of vino, sister, you deserve it: my favorite Olivia Pope glasses are on sale!  21+ up only (duh)
  • Color all the coloring printable for adults: linking favorites if you scroll below + free printables found here.
  • Prayer walk: If you can’t focus at home, talk to Jesus outdoors.
  • Give yourself a makeover and get “more” dressed (ha ha) 1x a week! The verdict is in and I’ve tried it: it feels really really good. But tip: go makeup free the rest of the week – also feels good.
  • Learn French through an app. One of my best friends is doing it thorough the app: Duolingo. She says “it’s so fun for her.”
  • Paint + zoom your friends…all at the same time. Showing you how to do this on my personal account: @jessi_afshin
  • Read a good book or 5. Listing my favorites here (my fave murder mysteries listed at the bottom of the post) 
  • Go for a drive in the country or even on the highway – and cue the happy music (please follow government regulations)
  • Read the Word of God. John and Matthew are a great place to start (if you’re new, start with The Jesus Bible – it explains everything)
  • Play with sidewalk chalk: All the kids are doing it!
  • Build your immune system: Sleep, rest, drink water, repeat.
  • Outfit your day in something cozy and encouraging: Shop Darling has a really big sale going on right now and tons of feel-good feels. 
  • Do your nails a favor: and do them yourself (tips found here)

Remember; it’s ok not to rest and retreat. Even if everyone on social “seems” as if they are getting “all the things” done. Resting, in and of itself, is what you need most and if that’s your best to-do, then give yourself a pat on the back, sister. You deserve it! XO 🙂 

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