My “No Makeup” Routine

Natural beauty is beauty at its purest, and friend – you have it, so don’t question it. Plain and simple. 

There’s something so raw, so stunning about a fresh face. It’s the perfect mixture of confidence, inner beauty, and a good heart. 

A face afresh and not having to “get ready” these last few weeks has actually been pretty nice – dontyathink? Circa high school and post college – I used to wear a lot of makeup, so after shedding a lot of my past products, I’ve learned that simply wearing less is just something you get used to, a perspective scale. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: it’s up to you – how you look at your own face and because of that, I think it’s healthy for all of us to practice putting on our natural selves more than ever.

Living in Austin (a place as casual and athletic as it is), wearing no makeup is actually pretty “normal.” That’s just how we do things here and I’ve become accustomed to it. Since I don’t wear a lot now anyway, this no makeup look or “routine” isn’t new for quarantine – but it’s definitely been put into practice by me, myself, and I – in iso. – more than ever before.

So let’s get to it. First is skincare (learning to take care of it), second is two makeup products, third is two more products if you want to go above and beyond. There’s something about a girl looking radiant + glowing + gorgeous – with no makeup. Do you agree? 

The morning skin and glow: 

  • WASH FACE: I use the classic Tula cleanser (removes makeup too, 15% off with code: JESSI)
  • SELF TAN: A FACE SELF TANNER WORKS WONDERS. A secret to glow-y skin and the “no makeup” look is summer skin – or for now… a really great self tanner. My self tanner is golden goals for a glow-y sun kissed bronze, and my friends always notice when I just applied. I am beyond obsessed with mine (because it’s for both body and face) – and I’m reviewing it more right here.
  • MOISTURIZE: I use this one by TULA! It’s the OG. (15% off with code: JESSI)
  • PRIME THE FACE: This primer by Tula is basically what I use as my foundation right now. It has absolutely no color, but it has a “mattified” consistency, so it helps make the face look less oily (15% off with code: JESSI). If you are looking for a primer with color, this SPF tinted cream is great.

The go-to no-makeup look: simplified. This is what I wear 6 days a week.

  • HIDE UNDEREYE / CONCEAL: I pretty much don’t leave the house without a little bit of this undereye concealer on. I swear by this concealer, as it works wonders and I’ve been wearing it for years since I have pretty dark eye circles (Persian genes here). If you want to use it as a spot treatment for any dots or red spots, it does the job the best out of them all (I have tried so many concealers over the years). I wear color: light medium honey.
  • BRONZE CHEEKS: (and my bronzer is on sale!) Beyond the self tanner, this one gives your face more color and definition, and helps hides red marks. My absolute favorite is on sale and I’ve worn color: give me sun for years now. If you are a bit more fair, trying using a light blush instead.

I kid you not, that’s it: skincare + under-eye concealer and bronzer. **BUT – if I decide to do a little bit more maquiller (French for makeup) – say I’m getting on IG story or I just want to get “more” ready for no reason, here’re more au natural tips. 

  • ELONGATE THOSE LASHES, duh 🙂 : My favorite look is the au natural, no makeup look – with mascara. This mascara is my best-kept weapon. My favorite part about not wearing mascara most of the time, is that when I put this one on – people always want to know what. it. is. It’s just that good and one of the few makeup items I’ll splurge on because of its instant volume and length (find it at Ulta here, Nordstrom here). Here’s a favorite drugstore / affordable alternative mascara that always works wonders as well.
  • TAME THE QUARANTINE BROWS: the boy brow by glossier is a must. And apparently one of their best sellers ever – and after using it for 6 months – I understand why. It’s a light tint that just smooths the brows in place, then holds them there. It’s not a ton of color, so you can’t go wrong. I wear color: brown.

As far as lips go, my go-to is pretty much vaseline only right now since my lips are dry. I  absolutely love the too faced extreme lip injection (clear) – for natural and plumper lips when I’m getting on IG for a story. 

That’s it. Hope this is helpful <3 xox J

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