My Faith Diaries: The Next Chapter

Popping in to echo this week’s diary post… and to highlight it here on le blog!

Why? Because maybe you’re afraid to turn the page, open up the next chapter of whatever is next for you.

Maybe you’ve already moved the bookmark, trying to skim the plot twists without learning the lesson that’s hidden in between. Regardless, today’s a new page in your book, a fresh start; it’s a good idea to ask the Author of the Moment to guide the steps of your script and give this chapter over to God. Pencil in your prayers and watch surrender take place.

Rather than an anxious kind of page turner, let’s make 2019 a calming read, with a highlighter in hand to highlight the good, and remember that no matter what happens in between – there’s a guaranteed happy ending and it ends with Jesus.

Affirm yourself in this: “I trust the next chapter of my book because I know the author “ ⭐️? Happy day, friends |

Q: Are you ready to turn the page today with highlighter in hand? Give me a ?!

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  1. Kimberly giambrone

    Love seeing this featured front and center! God is good. <3

  2. Jennifer

    Love this!!


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