Living the Dream


Apr 1

Every spring, one of my professors at the University of Texas puts together a team of 12 students that make up a class known as “The Dream Team.” This prestigious class works closely with the executives of the Visual Department of the luxurious retailer, Neiman Marcus. I was honored to be chosen this year–and talk about living the dream! We traveled up to Dallas this weekend after 10 weeks of self-paced preparation to meet, learn from, and present to a number of prominent people in the Neiman Marcus headquarters.  This included the current CFO, and a variety of very creative and inspiring executives from PR and event planning to buying and store development. Unfortunately, I can’t provide all of the sweet details that are behind the brilliance at NM (especially over the Internet), but I did want to share a small taste of my dreamy trip to Dallas.

The place where the luxury retailer started it all in 1914:  Neiman Marcus’ flapship store in downtown Dallas.

Above is Ignaz Gorischek, Vice President of Store Development for the premier retailer. He is not only one of the most brilliant and creative people I’ve ever met, but also (thanks to UT), my professor! Prof. Gorischek is personally responsible for everything you see, smell, or touch when you walk into one of the 41 Neiman Marcus stores. Talk about a learning experience!

Starbucks & donuts:  presentation essentials.

One of the contemporary/CUSP buyers who gave us a small glimpse into the buying department at Neiman’s.

My team in the lobby of Renaissance Tower. We were all incredibly surprised and flattered to find our individual pictures posted on the NM bulletin board upon walking in.

Satisfying an afternoon sweet tooth.

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