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Jun 14



If you haven’t read about my personal health journey, last fall I found out I was allergic to gluten and dairy.

I’m not celiac and I won’t end up in the hospital if Starbs makes my latte wrong; but what I do know is that my health and life have changed drastically since I began to cut out gluten and dairy. Of course, there’re the visible results — i.e., staying fit has drastically become easier when heavy coffee creamers and breakfast croissants are never an option (see yah later, temptation). But — there’s more to my somewhat paleo-esque diet than keeping the lbs. in check.  One of the biggest changes being my skin– finally getting rid of acne at the age of 24, realizing that all those coffees with 2% milk were causing non-stop scarring and inflammation on my cheeks. There’s also my stomach and gut; as I said au revoir (goodbye) to nauseous stomachaches after eating a slice of pizza or baguettes et fromage (thats French for bread and cheese, babes). Add in my dramatically better sleeping, reduced headaches, clear head and honestly reduced feelings of stress and anxiety…what do you get? I dare you to ask me if you should try cutting them out; my answer will be  y-e-s.

I’m particularly darling to my snapchat following — 1. Because they love a good cartoon move just as much as I do (srsly, do I have a problem?) 2. They love a great devotional! 3. I think the most engagement I get from my followers is about healthy food. I love sharing tips on where to find some of my best kept gluten-free and dairy-free bite secrets in Austin. I’ve had multiple gals request a gluten and dairy free blog post — so here goes. I’ve only been on this diet for a short while, so although it’s minimal – it’s building everyday. Let’s go:

What I eat: I can eat anywhere in Austin and find something gluten and dairy free. Truly — it’s not a problem in this day and age. This post is by no means my favorite trendy spots in Austin post; this post is dedicated to weeknight dining, grab-n-go ordering, and everyday type of bites.

  • Salads – My favorite? The Tuscan Kale Salad (order no breadcrumbs, no Parmesan cheese, add chicken) at True Foods Kitchen — honestly; there’s just no salad like it. Be sure to also try their Mediterranean salad.
  • Protein Drinks – My holistic doctor swears by having one protein shake a day and I couldn’t agree more. As of right now, I’ve been ordering green smoothies (the less fruit the better – since a lot of sugar gives me a headache) and adding collagen protein to it. Here is my favorite collagen protein (it makes your skin, gut, and hair extra beautiful!)
  • Chicken – Lots of it – Head to Fresa’s chicken and pick up a whole chicken with rice, beans, and corn tortillas on the side.  This is one of the best ways to: 1. save money (can we talk about leftovers?), and 2. get lots of protein.
  • Tacos, all day long – My order is 2 tacos on corn tortillas with avocado, bacon and beans. This way you get protein and healthy fat. Moreover, the bean + avocado mixture replaces the extra creamy cheese texture.
  • Soups – Pho is always a great idea! Austin, go to Elizabeth Street Cafe and get the Lemongrass skewer pho – it won’t disappoint you. Also try The Soup Peddler & get the Chicken & Rice soup.
  • Gluten Free Toasts & Health Food spots – Every city is different, but in the 21st century, your city is bound to have some extra-allergy-conscious spot. Picnik & Juice Society are two awesome spots to grab food allergy conscious healthy meals in Austin.
  • Tex Mex is always a good idea – Tex Mex is great because if you stick to corn tacos or salad bowls, you can still get in lots of beans, rice and protein. Just make sure you order sans cheese!

My coffee order: I’m a picky coffee gal; but here’s my order pretty much everywhere I go:

  • Small vanilla latte with a half pump syrup, with almond milk

It’s 5′ o clock somewhere: A lot of types of alcohol give me headaches or make me nauseous immediately after drinking. Although you won’t find me out on 6th street very often, a gal-about-town has her favorite happy hour starters.

  • Rosé all day – the sulfates in some wines give me terrible headaches the minute I start drinking the wine. But guess what: rose is A-OK, all day (not just cause it rhymes!) for me. My favorite brand (gotta give my friend, Greg, credit for this one) is –  Espiral which is light and fizzy, but not heavily carbonated or sparkling. And guess what? It’s so cheap too! (I think between $5-6!)
  • Good Tequila – A lot of girls who suffer from food allergies swear by Tequila and I’m right there with them. Although I’m not a tequila shot kinda gal, an agave based margarita is so refreshing and hits the spot. Tequila is plant based; so rest assured if had in moderation, it won’t tear up your stomach.

Go-to Snacks: 

  • Acai Bowls – my favorite spot in Austin for these is Blenders & Bowls
  • Hummus & Veggies – Need I say more?
  • More cheese please! – My mom (who also has the same food allergies) and I are able to eat Manchego because the cheese comes from sheep milk.
  • RX Bars from Trader Joe’s – I love the ones with Chocolate!
  • Avocado with salt & olive oil + turkey bacon

Sweet & Treats: There’re so many awesome food trailers and spots that have great gluten- and dairy-free deserts, but here are a few of my everyday on-the-go bites.

  • Nada Moo: Coconut milk based ice cream that will immediately win you over. You can find it at HEB, Whole Foods and more.
  • Mostess by Better Bites – Seriously – you can tell Hostess goodbye even if you can eat gluten and dairy free. These bites are de-lish.
  • Soft-Baked Snickerdoodles from Trader Joe’s – I have made so many of my friends try these cookies and each person couldn’t believe they were gluten, dairy and egg free. You have to go getchya self a box of these quick.
  • Chia Pudding with Coconut Milk – you can find awesome ones at People’s Pharmacy and True Foods Kitchen.

image credit:: arelietauziede on Instagram / via pinterest

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  1. BeTh

    Would love to know your holistic doc in Austin!

  2. Jennifer

    Thanks for sharing! I don’t have any food allergies but my little cousins do, so I’m really aware about it. I do watch what I eat. I only eat humanely raised meats and my cheese and eggs need to be pasture raised. I eat a lot of vegetarian and sometimes vegan because of it.

    xx Jennifer
    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  3. Linda

    Loved this post! Although i don’t have food allergies that I know of, i do try to be more food-cautious and healthy. This post really inspired me to try your suggestions! 🙂 xoxo, Linda (boohoolindalieu.wordpress.com)

  4. molly

    I’ve told you this (I think!), but my sister also cut gluten and dairy out of her diet for mental health reasons, and it has made the hugest difference in her day-to-day life. Like you, it won’t kill her if she indulges in a bite here and there, but she notices a difference in how she feels. Austin is def the place to be for all the D & G free things! I’ve tried Nada Moo and absolutely loved it! As good as the real goods. I miss Fresa’s more than ANYTHING in Austin! The brussels and sweet potatoes!!!

  5. Stephanie

    How did you find out about your allergies? Were you tested by a doc or home kit? Thanks for the recommendations!

  6. Danielle

    I love this! Great advice. I too am allergic to dairy. I’m going to check out some of these places when I go to Austin next week!

  7. Mary-Katherine

    This post is so helpful! I recently did Whole30 and realized that I am super sensitive to dairy and while I am okay with gluten and sugar, I’m finding that I don’t feel as good when I eat those. I don’t live in Austin (though I look for any excuse to go because it’s one of my favorite cities), these tips can be applied pretty much anywhere and I will be referring back to this often!

  8. alison*elle

    I have a ton of food allergies so it can sometimes be hard to find things on the menu… I’m always asking for special orders at restaurants! For the past few months I’ve actually cut sugar from my diet (as in no added sweeteners ever) and it’s been great for my health and weight.

    xo, alison*elle

  9. Nicole Alfano

    This was beyond interesting to read, as i am discovering foods heavy in gluten and dairy make me feel very sick. More posts on what made you realize why you had to cut it out and your favorite at home bfast/lunch/dinners would be so awesome! Thanks!

  10. Lilia

    I love the healthy eat , great blog

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