July Plans


Jul 1

Happy July!

Three things await in July that I’m beyond excited about.

  1.  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016. Y’all this is big: loads of the in-style, designer, big staple, you-can’t-live-without fall items — will be on major markdown for a select time only. The reason why I’m bringing this up now is because if you’re a Nordstrom cardholder (which yes, I am), you get early access to everything (and I warn you now, the best stuff does go quickly) before the sale hits the public. On July 22, the sale will be released to everyone and will continue until August 8 — when prices go up and everything on sale will get restocked at regular price. Now — it took me about 2 years before I decided to get a Nordstrom debit card and boy, am I glad I did (and mad I waited so long). The Nordstrom debit card simply takes the amount off of your checking account (there’s nothing credit-related about it) and you receive points for every dollar you spend = aka = free $$$ if you’re a regular Nordstrom shopper. You can find more info here and timeline details below.
  2. I’m LA bound with the besties for a girls trip to celebrate them turning 2-5 (yay!) and to sit back, kick back, and relax. The goal of the trip is to turn off the emails and not work (but we’ll see how that really plays out), and also enjoy every facet of LA we possibly can… Stay updated on snapchat friends! (jessiafshin).
  3. The continuation of Darling Days. Wednesday’s post was such a hit and I got so much awesome feedback from you girls — thank you! I’m beyond excited to keep it up. Stay tuned, pretties! <3

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates:          

*Early Access for Nordstrom Cardholders:: July 14th – July 21st

*Public Sale:: July 22nd – August 7th 

Rounding up all my instagram outfits from the last two weeks, shop on friends and enjoy! XO

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  1. KAT

    Cute picks! Love the scallops!


  2. Ann

    The FP bell sleeve shirt – the absolute MOST! You are way too adorable, but you seem to likable for it to be annoying :))).


  3. Amber Shannon

    I didn’t realize Nordstrom had a debit carb option… might just have to go ahead and sign up. I’ve had one for Target for years, and it’s a great store card concept. Have fun in LA!

    All the Cute ????

  4. Aresa Edwards

    Love it. I live in London but originally from Texas. Love the colours and style. It is so me.

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