Travel in Style | The Darling DetailTravel in Style | The Darling Detail

Bonjour from Paris, mes amies! After downing 4 café au laits, hardly adjusting to the new 7-hour time change, searching endlessly for a grocery store open on Sundays (hello culture shock!), and santé-ing over many glasses of rosé, I feel like I am finally at home (might I add lots of nutella crepes later). More on Paris in a bit… first I thought I would touch on the important principles of simply getting overseas (or getting anywhere for that matter)…or jet-setting.

It’s all about jetting off in a bit of style and a lot of comfort. First, it’s always necessary to wear your heaviest shoes a la plane, so I always like to throw on my Vans authentic sneaks (PS-they’re on sale here) for a comfy-cozy plane ride sans blisters.  It’s all about layering, and my favorite kind of layering is with a boyfriend sweatshirt like this CLASSIC one by ILY Couture. I’m so in love with the soft feel and distressed look, so it was nice to have the darlin’ gem along when needed. Check out the sweet brand and all of their casual-cute finds here. Layering it over a little white tank was the cherry on top of the perfect alternative to staying the right temperature. When we’re talking carry-ons, I love taking my petit backpack along for the ride and my carry-on by London Fog (once again, loving all neutrals over here). It’s nice to have the extra room in the carry-ons for bringing home any over-the-top heavy novelties. I’m sure you all know the rest to when it comes to traveling cute and stylish, so I would love to hear about some of your favorite trips and tricks as well. Au revoir, darlins!

Photography by Jordan Afshin

Travel in Style | The Darling DetailTravel in Style | The Darling DetailTravel in Style | The Darling DetailTravel in Style | The Darling Detail

The Darling Details::

CLASSIC Boyfriend Sweatshirt by ILY Couture | Vans Authentic Sneakers from Madewell | Paige Verdugo Skinny Jeans | 8 Ring Set (gold) by ILY Couture | Carry-on Luggage by London Fog | Jon Hart Backpack in Saddle

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    1. Agreed–I love feeling a little cute while staying comfy 🙂 Xoxo

  1. I loved your outfit, it is comfy but modern! Those Vans are really cute!

    1. Thanks Vabi! The vans are a winner 🙂 Love the ones from J Crew as well 🙂

  2. What a cute and comfy looking travel outfit! I hope you have an amazing time in Paris (and blog all about it) 🙂

    1. Carber–absolutely, starting to get some good photos today! Thanks for the sweet comment! Xo

  3. I’m usually not a big fan of Vans, but those ones are so cute! They remind me of Sperry’s!

    1. Kayla–totally agree! I’m not either, but these are a keeper 🙂

  4. Bridie

    Love this! Just started following your blog, I was just in Paris as well 🙂

  5. Love this outfit! Did you size up with the sweatshirt?

  6. Samantha

    Love your outfit! I was wondering which color your Jon Hart backpack is?

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