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For those of you trying to beat the absolutely discouraging and frustrating ups and downs of acne – this one’s for you. 

Because let’s be honest, skincare is *hard,* especially when you’re doing everything you can possibly think of to clear acting-up-skin and it’s just simply not working. I get it – it’s exhausting and discouraging; especially hanging with friends with beautiful skin, staring at girls on social media who *seem* flawless (don’t believe everything you see, it’s an app called facetune or a skin-clear filter!), and then picking at new pimples is your first to-do in the morning and last checklist at night. Clearing skin during high school and college was a big struggle for this girl; i.e., me. My biggest issue with skin was that I wanted help, needed help with clearing acne; but didn’t know where to go other than my dermatologist or a nearby CVS – and that never helped either. A lot of you know about my skincare journey, where I successfully squashed acne with the help of a holistic doctor and Tula.

I started using Tula about two years ago, and at the same time I also started to see a holistic doctor and change my diet, lifestyle, and more (read more here). The result? My skin started to clear and I began to see the space differently. The minute I saw a huge and glowing difference in my skin after using Tula, I was 100% sold, smitten and convinced.

don’t forget: you can always use code: JESSI for 20% off your entire Tula purchase. 

The crazy part about (loyally and authentically) standing by Tula all these years is that all this time – we’ve been chatting about clearing skin, yet they hadn’t yet launched an acne-clearing product. Even without the acne clearing gel, the Tula products were working wonders for my skin. So for those of you who are still squashing acne  – this one’s for you. I told the brand firmly that I would not post about this product until I tried it – so you betchya I did. I tend to get small breakouts around the time of my cycle every single month (now that I don’t break out as much anymore) – so naturally the minute a pimple popped out, I tried the Acne Clearing Gel. The next morning? Gone. With small little nuggets like the ones I get around my period – they don’t go away quickly; so I was pleasantly surprised each time they’ve quickly gone away. The reason why this product is the bomb? It’s incredibly hard to find acne products without alcohol in them – and you got it: the Tula acne clearing gel is alcohol free. Second, it hasn’t launched yet – so you my friend (The Darling Detail readers) get an in before the rest of the public shops it.

What’s in the TULA acne-clearing gel?

  • 2% Salicylic Acid (OTC-proved acne treatment)
  • Probiotics
  • Azelaic Acid (fades marks left behind by acne)
  • Willowherb & Hyaluronic Acid – hydrates skin to prevent flakiness

Check out the acne-squashing package bundle ($95 – way cheaper as a bundle!). Use code: JESSI for 20% off your entire Tula purchase. 

Now, I don’t have super deep acne anymore; but I did from ages somewhere around 16-22 and have been through the ups and downs of deeper acne issues. Here I’ve included a picture of my acne scars (this was a before-and-after acne photo since doing micro needling – in case you’re interested in post-acne treatment), just to show you girls that acne is something that’s super near and dear to my heart–a battle that I have compassion for and one I’ll continue to talk about and try do my best to help other girls with. My take on the issue? The above is a quick an easy routine to fight acne. If you’re looking for more Tula products I swear by: two other favorites are The pH balancing & resurfacing gel (it’s a toner; I swear by it) and the day & night moisturizer (so cozy, cool, blankety feel on your skin; you can use this instead of the aqua infusion gel cream above).

Click here to shop the acne gel before it launches to the rest of the pubic on 9/17, click here to shop the bundle of the acne fighting faves, click here for my post on how I beat acne with Tula + lifestyle changes, and here for a post dedicated to getting rid of acne scars! And don’t forget you can use code: JESSI for 20% off your entire Tula purchase. And good luck, girls! XO

Photos by Divina Stennfeld

Thank you, Tula, for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

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    Great post! I’ve never tried Tula before but is sounds amazing, especially since I’m in the same boat as you. I’m curious if you’ve ever tried any Drunk Elephant products?


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