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May 19

Instagram lately: What I’m up to, what I’m wearing on a daily basis, and what’s on my mind. 

This week is transition week. Not only from coming home from a blogger bestie trip (sigh … take me back now…), but also working on moving apartments and offices, hiring on/training new employees, and … focusing on getting my personal life back on track. When I took my blog full time 13 months ago, I somewhat sacrificed my 23-year-old personal life to make this dream happen. And boy, was it the best decision I’ve ever made.  However, I know that God is pointing me in a direction to get my personal life back on track. Balance is just as important as chasing our dreams, and I admit-tingly find myself allowing my intense work ethic to take over a healthy balanced life.  SO, once again, this week is dedicated to transitions. As I move my office out of my home, delegate every-day work tasks to employees, and really focus on getting my weeknights and weekends back, transitions are happening and God is working behind the scenes.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned through this venture–it’s that the never-ending to-do list will always be there, no matter what.  It’s how you prioritize that to-do list, and how you make time for the other important things in life that really count. Shop along to see what I love wearing. XO

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  1. Ellen

    I’d love to know your thoughts on the palm print dress from Topshop! I love the print! Is it TTS? Is it see through? Thanks!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

    1. It is TTS! I’m a topshop 4 (us 0-2) and it’s a shift so you can’t go wrong! Hope this helps! XO

  2. Melissa

    Finding balance has been a goal that I’ve chased for years. It’s nice to see and read about you, a gal who appears to always have her act together, working hard toward the same goal. Wishing you good luck and great success as you make the changes needed to create your best version of ‘balanced.’

  3. Amanda

    I am IN LOVE with that palm print dress! It’s perfect. I love your blog Jessi! You are such a real and down to earth blogger, you’re so unique. I love coming to your site, you inspire me to death! xo

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