I’m Starting Another Instagram… Here’s Why!

Darling Days

Jan 16

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Last night I launched one of the three secret projects I’ve been working on over the past two years.

And as the title gives away: dun dun dun, I’m launching a new Instagram: enter @My_Darling_Diary, a place where reality meets Instagram, vulnerability challenges vanity, and my heart meets your feed. Wondering why? In 2017, I found myself confused about the true meaning of beauty, discouraged that I wasn’t “good enough,” or misunderstood (specifically by guys) because my identity is tied into a follower count – specifically on Instagram. I also met a lot more girls who felt the exact same. Wondering what happens here on the blog? Everything stays the same – we have a new team of amazing girls working here behind the scenes to get content up on both accounts. Wondering what in the world this new account is about? Read on below.

In a place such as Instagram, we have visual access to the world at our fingertips – it is a #blessed time of age, but a lack of encouragement plagued my 2017. The tech-aged girl deserves to know she’s beautiful, but a large door has been opened up to the game of comparison, the need to be “perfect,” and the feeling that you can’t measure up through social media. Enter my diary – the captions found on the new faith-based and lifestyle account revolve around *our* hearts; the heart is the place that holds the most beauty and I want it to show up in the place that lacks it most (because the heart is hard to Instagram, isn’t it?). True beauty is found in the heart, and we’re going to focus on encouraging that here together through the daily to-do’s of life.

@my_darling_diary is a going to be a community based on encouragement, real-life stories, faith, scripture, positivity, optimism, and simply just fun. I’m really excited, passionate, and feeling heart-full-moments with the release – having *zero* expectations but truly releasing all the glory to the Lord, because I promise you – this idea was not my own. Help a sister out, come hang out and let’s do life together. XOXO

Photography by Divina Stennfeld



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  1. Jenna Cooley

    This is awesome! Can’t wait!! <3

  2. Kristin

    I really love that your going to be farting a new account about this. It’s truly aspiring for someone like you to motivate us ladies. I can’t wait to follow along on your new journey.

  3. Tabitha

    I absolutely love this! As much as i love reading and looking at fashion, reading about positivity, God, and real life is my absolute favorite. Anything that feeds my soul and reminds me that I’m not alone I’m all down for.


  4. Ali

    This is fantastic! Feelings of inadequacy plague women as we view the seemingly perfect bodies, closets, lives of others. Congrats on being inspired and thank you for listening to that inspiration.

  5. Tara

    I love this! I’ve been struggling with the same thoughts and often find myself disheartened or even frustrated with social media and the focus of bloggers. I so look forward to this journey!

  6. Amanda

    Loving this girl! It’s so important to be surrounded by encouraging words + people to maintain a positive attitude and mindset on life. Can’t wait to follow, love! Xo, Amanda

  7. Maureen

    I love this idea and definitely count me in. I have followed you for some time and you are an inspiration because you have remained authentic and that’s hard to see with the big time bloggers and also on Instagram. I may be late to the game coming into blogging but the way I am feeling about Instagram I can sum it up in one word – disappointing. While it is the nature of the business, it’s also hard to stomach that it’s become an advertisement of sorts. It’s like I am in a market and everyone is throwing stuff in my face. Just not pretty analogy right?!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

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