I Launched a Podcast! Introducing the My Darling Diary Show


Feb 28


A vulnerable storybook in a telltale form, this podcast is designed to encourage, speak up and talk about the things that need to be said in the fashion industry. This has been a project I’ve been planning for over 6 months – and praying about for over a year and a half. The hardest project I’ve ever had to execute, but the one most close to my heart. Sweet, candid, and personal – welcome to the diary of my girl chats! 

My heart behind it? Digging into the world of social media. I won’t give away too much, but I start the season spilling how the social media industry and blogging in my 20s impacted my heart, personal life, singleness, community, and identity. This episode is the first teaser for an entire show, designed to have deep heart-to-hearts about taking care of our hearts in the social media era.

Get your headphones out, pull on a cozy, and click to listen here!

Listen, share, subscribe, sistas. Episode 1 is just a teaser and the beginning of many more heart-to-hearts. Thanks for being patient with me as God brought this baby to life. XO, Jessi

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