Gold Leaf + Easter Eggs


Apr 16

Gold Leaf + Easter Eggs - The Darling DetailGold Leaf + Easter Eggs - The Darling Detail

Easter is definitely one of my favorite holidays; getting dressed up in your best spring attire, going home for big meals and lots of laughs, and taking the day off to relax and enjoy all the small things Jesus Christ has blessed us with. And along with all those fun holiday details, I always adore taking on a new Easter egg project with my mum. Although “decorating eggs” usually consists of dipping them in food coloring and vinegar, this year I thought I’d be a bit more adventurous.

For my very first Gold Leaf project, I was incredibly impressed. These sheets of fine metal are the perfect craft to detail and embellish–honestly–anything!  With this Gold Leaf technique, I had fun color-blocking eggs, adding a marbleized effect, and also creating an all-gold egg masterpiece. Check out these easy steps below to enhance your Easter eggs this spring, and happy Easter, Dahl-ings!

What You Need:

  • A Dozen White Hard-boiled Eggs
  • 10 Sheets of Gold Leaf (these are found at a craft store—try Hobby Lobby! You can also get the broken-up kind to help create the marbleized effect)
  • Food Coloring
  • Vinegar
  • A Paint Brush
  • Mod Podge

First, make sure to hard boil the eggs in boiling water. Once this is finished, you can proceed by coloring any eggs you like. I like to leave a lot of them white for a classic white and gold effect, but it depends on which look you are going for! Follow instructions on the food coloring on how to dye eggs and leave in mixture till you obtain your desired color. Next, use a paint brush to add the Mod Podge to the egg. Make sure to only “paint” the glue in spots that you want to be gold. For example, if you are creating a marbleized egg (with splashes of gold all around), just paint one small dot or portion at a time, then finish by adding the small piece of Gold Leaf to the egg. Once you add the Gold Leaf to the egg, don’t touch! Let the leaf sit for a while, or it will break since it is so delicate. After waiting about 30 seconds, proceed by adding the next segment of Gold Leaf.

If you like to color-block an egg (i.e., make the egg half gold and the other half white as shown), paint half of the egg in Mod Podge with the paint brush. Next, lay the egg on your working service and grab the thin sheet of gold leaf with two hands (one hand on each side of the gold leaf). Lay the gold sheet down on the glued portion and make sure the straight edge of the gold sheet is aligned to where you want the egg to be color-blocked. Wrap the gold leaf around the egg as much as you can and let it sit. Once it is dry (I’d wait about 30 minutes), proceed to wrapping the other side of the egg, or any other portion you would like to be gold. To make an all-gold egg, repeat these steps and make sure to glue and cover the entire egg with the gold leaf sheets.

Hoppy Easter! Xo

Gold Leaf + Easter Eggs - The Darling DetailGold Leaf + Easter Eggs - The Darling DetailGold Leaf + Easter Eggs - The Darling Detail

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  1. anisa | whisk & heels

    these are SO cute! I’ve never seen gold-foiled eggs before, I love this idea and can’t wait to try it out.



    1. Anisa- You definitely should! It’s such a fun project and the eggs turn out wonderful! Thanks for the sweet compliments!


  2. These are by far the most glam Easter eggs I have ever seen! It would kill me to throw them away when they get all old and stinky. 😉

    1. Thanks Kristen… Yes, definitely very glam!! Of course, that’s how I like them 🙂 Thanks for the feedback!


  3. Love these Easter eggs! I love how you colored the eggs before adding gold leaf! Very chic.

    Check out how I decorated mine with gilded gold paint and glitter:

    xo Ericka

    1. Thanks Ericka.. they were so fun to decorate! Happy Monday!


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