Girls Getaway Travel Diary


May 12

Summer is the ultimate time for a girls-ONLY getaway.

This week I got to experience one of my first girls-only trips with my bestie Courtney, and I can confidently say — soaking up the sun with your BFF by your side is truly the way to start a summer.

And with that — I’m excited to be starting my new instagram round-up series, focused on bringing all of those instagrams to the blog and making them shoppable right here as well. I’m hopeful that between this and the new mobile site design, The Darling Detail can transform into a welcoming community — taking the heavy focus from instagram and sharing it with the blog. Look to the left to see what I was wearing on my besties trip, and mouse on below to find out 15 things that we both loved doing on our girls getaway.

A Darling Girls Getaway To-Do List:

  1. Sandy Toes & Beachy Promenades – who needs the gym when you have the beach as a backdrop? Courtney and I took at least 2 walks each day a la plage and enjoyed every single minute of girl chats along the way.
  2. Matching Pullovers & Reflector Sunnies – because who doesn’t love pastel hues and shiny specs? This photo on instagram was a total hit!
  3. Face Masks & Late Night BondingCourtney always points me toward this mask brand at Sephora (she is THE beauty profesh in the blogosphere, y’all) and you all have to try it! They are refreshing and totally affordable to boot.
  4. Quiet Time & Calming Necessities – for us this was prayer time since we both love writing in our prayer journals; but this can really be setting aside some time for reflection alone. In the midst of to-do lists and crazy work schedules, you can always find something to be thankful for!
  5. New friends & Unfamiliar Faces – one of my favorite parts of vacationing is meeting new friends along the way. The staff and guests at the Don Cesar hotel were so sweet and friendly; they most definitely did make the trip feel like home!
  6. Makeovers & How-To’sCourtney gave me lots of makeup and skin tutorials, and I helped her with photo-editing and inbox/business organization trips along the way. Best friends are about building each other up!
  7. Cheers & Much-Deserved Toasts – Courtney and I both aren’t exactly your party-types – but hitting the town and treating ourselves to a glass of summer rose on the last night was a total must. Work hard, play hard, ammiright?!
  8. Books & Blogs – Courtney is married and I’m absolutely single – yet we both share an affinity for what we do – so we spent the trip reading and soaking up info, romanticizing, fantasizing, and learning new things about the things we love to dream about.
  9. Spotify Playlists & Summer Songs – I’m a huge fan of Spotify (HUGE) and creating a summer girls playlist during the trip was too much fun. Plus, you can look back post-trip and re-live all the beachy memories again… and again!
  10. Putting our phones A-W-A-Y! This is hard (and was also one of my toughest new year’s resolutions to conquer), but so necessary when it comes to taking time to relax on the beach. No need to be a slave to that inbox or insta feed if you can truly help it!
  11. Ice cream sundaes with a side of messy photoshoots and insta-worthy snaps — Need I say more?
  12. Sweet Snacks & Salty Sides – To save money on the trip, Courtney and I split a lot of meals, while snacking along the way in between meals. Kind Bars & baked pretzels are a must at the beach!
  13. Girl Talks & Little Encouragements – We both feel strongly that as women we should continue to build each other up (especially in an industry where a lot of girls have a tendency to feel the need to compete) and a lot of our trip was focused on helping each other succeed.
  14. Dance Parties & Jamming — If you didn’t already know – Courtney was blessed with the most beautiful voice in the world — so her singing and me jumping on the bed dancing was a large theme throughout our bestie trip.
  15. Sunsets & Sunrise — One of my favorite parts about staying around the beach is watching dusk and dawn a la plage. And watching it with your bestie is the ultimate treat. Naturally both of us ended up taking photos of cute families walking on the beach, but we decided that we could play photographer too once in awhile 🙂

How do you enjoy vacay time with your BFF?

Shop all the looks to the left, and happy almost weekend dahlins! XO

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  1. Kat

    So wonderful to have a bestie! Love your vacay wardrobe! Such cute picks!

  2. Morgan

    So cute!! I’m taking a girls trip with my bestie mid-June and CAN’T WAIT!

    How 2 Wear It []

  3. Madilyn McCarthy @yoga.barbie

    YES! Thanks for the inspiration! I’m so excited for more shopping options on your blog!!! I just got the white romper and pink bikini!!! =) xxxxx

  4. Emily

    This is so cute! Love the idea of this post and the photography is great. It’s hard to get your girlfriends together when everyone is so busy! But it’s definitely a must. 🙂


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