Dipped in Gold White Feather Wreath


Dec 13

The Darling DetailThe Darling Detail

Gold & White have always been my absolute favorite Christmas colors. They not only add the perfect warmth and glow, but they transition flawlessly into spring and the new year. I was recently asked by a darling friend, Martha Lynn Kale (Mirror Mirror Salon Owner/Blogger/Contributor for Camille Styles) to enter into a DIY Wreath Challenge. I decided to take on the challenge in the midst of juggling finals and of course, the very first thing that came to mind was my favorite Christmas color palette: white and gold. I was definitely pleased with the DIY result, and am delighted to have gifted myself a year-round wreath for décor. Check out the DIY steps below, and vote for my wreath by commenting “Jessi” at Martha Lynn Kale’s blog http://www.marthalynnkale.com/wreath-challenge/.

The Darling DetailThe Darling DetailThe Darling DetailThe Darling DetailThe Darling Detail


Start with white craft feathers (I purchased mine at Michaels craft store) and gold and white spray paint. Spray a Styrofoam wreath with white paint and cover completely.  Then pick out the feathers that have the least amount of fuzz and place them on newspaper. Hold the spray paint can about 6-8 inches away from each feather as you lightly paint the tip of the feather on only one side (painting both sides will ruin the feather effect). Make sure not to soak the feather with paint, as it will cause all of the feathers to stick together. Once you have painted all of the desired amount of feathers (I used about 30 total, but be sure to paint more than needed to be safe), let the feathers air dry. Place your feathers in the desired pattern and consistency on a Styrofoam wreath by pushing into the Styrofoam with the stem of the feather. Continue to place the feathers into the wreath until the Styrofoam is completely covered. Finish off with a glue gun in between the feathers and the Styrofoam to ensure they stay in place. Wrap a ribbon around the top of the wreath and tie a bow to hang.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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