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I’ve spent the last 20 minutes just blankly staring at my calendar, wondering how in the world it’s already (about to be) October.

Someone once told me the older you get, the faster time flies. Is this really true? Okay, yes I’m about to turn 22— so not that I’m actually old, but I am feeling as if life is swiftly passing by. Last thing I remember I was shaking as I walked into my first day of college freshman year; fast forward a few seconds and I was walking the stage at The University of Texas graduation.

And now, It’s October which means ACL (Austin City Limits), a whole lot of football, cooking up everything pumpkin-related, and countless numbers of birthdays in between. But then…once you start enjoying this October-filled picture I just painted you— we’ll suddenly we’ll all be ringing in the new year of 2015.

In the end, I’ve decided there’s no secret to stopping the swift and sudden continuous movement of time, but what is important is enjoying all the little moments in between. This is something I personally struggle with, because it is the tiny little victories, celebrations, and sweet nothings that create the joy in the midst of the swift and powerful motion of time.

Here are a few sweet links and fun snippets from around the web, don’t forget to… enjoy!

Big thank you to Tribeza for having me at this year’s Style Week Fashion Show. Check out some fun behind the scenes photos from from the night here.

The press page est fini. Mouse on over to a little something I’ve been working on… showcasing all of the darling brands I’ve been able to work with over the past year and a half. Proud mama over here!

Found: dream job. Unveiling the colorful delight behind the everyday duties of a floral designer — on Camille Styles.

Who else is in the mood for baking up some gluten-free blueberry banana muffins this weekend?

My own personal favorite blogger takes Paris. Follow her in her Parisian adventures here.

Have a wonderful Saturday, darlings.

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  1. Alexis Johnson

    So happy I found this! Exactly the inspiration I needed to pursue a blog I’ve been thinking about for months, such an awesome job!

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