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In my book, this weekend is a time to celebrate the person who sacrifices everything for us—our moms! Thus, I wanted to dedicate these next few days to the woman who taught me what love is, my mother. My mum is not only my absolute best friend, but also my mom-ager, fill-in photographer, editor, and then of course a million other things that make our relationship just that much more special. She has inspired me to try to be the kindest person I can be, as well as taught me to look at the glass half full, day in and day out (even when it’s easier said than done). I’m so blessed to have a constantly optimistic and positive mind, and of course I had the best and most cheerful role model to learn from throughout all those years—my mother! Whether it’s cooking up new and exciting sources of creativity, believing in everything my brother and I do, or, let’s be honest, answering my 8-10 phone calls a day—I most definitely owe it all to her, my sweet, sweet mum! Head on over to Camille Styles to check out my ultimate shout-out to momma!

So go ahead, hug your mum this weekend, write her a card, and tell her how much you appreciate her! And be sure to watch this tear-jerking video below (I promise, it’s worth the 3 minutes!), send it to your momma’s, and have a very wonderful Mother’s Day, dahl-ings. Cheers to you, moms! Xo-Jessi


image via pretty stuff tumblr

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