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One of my favorite traditions as a little girl was decorating the tree with mom. 

Va-vooming up the Christmas tree is like crossing the Christmas threshold; it means that the most wonderful time of the year is definitely here and the sparkle has *officially* begun. Some people say it’s listening to Christmas music that puts them in the spirit. But for me: getting into the spirit means embellishing the tree.

Designing up a tree is like a little side mini project. I’m a big fan of color, balance, visually appealing, snow-y feels. Throwing up a mishmash of ornaments can look fine and be *so much fun*, but whipping up a beautifully decorated tree on a budget is my kind of challenge.

  1. First things first, find your tree. I live in a teeny apartment, so a fake tree is pretty much my only bet. I purchased this flocked tree from Target. I love the height, the size, the color, and the ambiance it gives a room. You could argue and say fake trees seem a bit “hole-y” (holes in between the branches), but we can for sure fix that (I’ll get to that below). I love how easy the Target trees are to assemble + how they are pre-lit, and have worked with three of them now (in my creative career!)
  2. Narrow things down by deciding a “color way” beforehand.  This is going to narrow down your choices for ornaments which *IS A GOOD THING* for your budget. There’re so many adorable ornaments out there, it’s good to limit yourself to only a key few. This year I chose white and silver –  all the winter wonderland vibes.
  3. Garlands first,  ornaments second. My favorite place to find Christmas garlands is Home Goods (because they’re cheap, and there’re so many), but since I can’t link to that here – I also found this wood garland and this pom-pom garland on Etsy, as well as this tinsel-esque garland at Crate & Barrel. I used all three of these in decorating my tree. You can also use Christmas ribbons as garlands, or even make your own. These don’t need to be complex, but they add a sense of togetherness to your tree.
  4. Which Ornaments? Always add a natural feel. The idea of a Christmas tree (even if it’s fake) is that it’s natural, of the nature. Adding in depth through ornaments that are wood or burlap give the tree a more natural feel. I chose this cork tree ornament, and this felt ornament. This also helps if you’re decorating with a guy in mind too. Too many poof-balls and shiny objects can come off gaudy when we are going for a laid-back cozy feel.
  5. Which Ornaments? Texture is what stands out from afar and in photographs. Enter my favorite part, the poufs. This is one of my favorite ways to dress up a tree. I used ornaments like this fluff ball, and this reindeer, to add a fluffy and cozy white texture to my tree. This Etsy shop makes cute faux fur ornaments that have twisty-ties on them – precious! These are the ornaments that really stand out from afar and in photographs. I’m also adoring these fluffy animals from Target.
  6. Fill any holes on your tree with Sprays. What in the world are sprays? Small little branches that you can stick anywhere and fill the gaps. I had a hard time finding a similar tinsel-esque spray that I used on my tree, but I found these and these on Etsy. I feel like sparkly sprays add texture to my tree, and I encourage you to look for these at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or Home Goods.
  7. Splurge on 1 or 2 things, then be done. I splurged on this swan ornament from Anthropologie last year, and am happy I did. But enough is enough when it comes to spending an arm and a leg on something you only use once a year. Target, Etsy, Crate & Barrel, and Home Goods are your BFFs.
  8. Fill dead space with basic/cheaper Ornaments. This basic set from Target ($15) is what I have and I love how it transitions year over year. I don’t use all of the pieces on my tree, but I like filling in the gaps with these basic ornaments, and using them for the back of the tree.
  9. Use pillows as a tree skirt. My tree skirt happened to be MIA when I unwrapped my Christmas storage this year, so I simply used soft-colored pillows to cover up the ugly tree base. I actually prefer the way this adds volume to the tree even more. It’s also an inexpensive way. I also found this super cute tree skirt from Target here. PS – haven’t added it in yet, but here is my Christmas tree star topper. 
  10. Cozy throws and pillows tie the rest of the room together. I don’t own a ton of Christmas decorations past what’s needed for a tree (I’ve got to draw the line somewhere!). Instead, I invest more in cozy lounge-ing throws and pillows. This is my favorite chunky knit blanket of the season (they are also the IT-blanket of Instagram right now) which really adds depth to the room. I’m also adoring this pom pom pillow from Target, this incredibly soft throw with poms poms, and fur pillows like these from West Elm.

I really enjoyed putting this together for you girls and hope that it’s helpful. I know most people start getting their trees after Thanksgiving – so cheers to feeling stuffed and decorating those trees, darlins! If you’re looking to shop the items in my living room, you should be able to find everything here. XO

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  1. Tabitha

    I love how you designed your room for Christmas! It’s soft and simple and feels like a winter wonderland! I tend to go crazy when decorating the tree and go with lots of colors and random ornaments. Themes just go out the door for me, lol!

  2. the cape on the corner

    i love how serene your set up is, and that tree doesn’t look overpowering in the room, either. did you do a tour of your living room before? i’m trying to make sense of that bench, and that interesting coffee table, and how you have the pouf there, but i’m sure things are rearranged b/c of the tree.

  3. Tomi

    This is so cute! It’s definitely getting me in the christmas mood.

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