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Aug 3

the darling detailthe darling detail

You get the gist of it from the title! In the past I’ve often found myself scrolling through “10 best healthy practices” or “self-help” kinds of lists on Pinterest, and absolutely loving every bit of it. I think stepping into a better self is always a step in the right direction (we’re always working on ourselves, right?). Welp, since I love it — I thought I would share with you what I’ve cultivated, and what I’m currently working on too (and by no means, have I conquered these – l o l) and give it a go. Here goes:

  1. Drink more water. Enough said! You guys, oh, the struggle of life (I have to set a reminder).
  2. Give away any clothes collecting dust. Last fall I had to kick this system into gear and I’m loving it. Clean out your closet every 2-3 months and donate/give away those pieces that you haven’t touched in the last 90 days. This is plenty more fulfilling than staring at what could turn into clutter.
  3. My dear friend Molly says, “Write down three things you’re grateful for each day.” This way you learn to praise your way through any storm.
  4. Read! Read! Read! It’s always good to expand your knowledge outside of a social media feed (if you’re victim to this). Reading makes you a better writer, and it keeps you away from your thoughts, my over-analyzers. TIP: New Harry Potter book anyone? If you’re not interested – find my favorite love story here.
  5. Spend less time snoozing the alarm. Confession: I. am. horrible. at. this. but. am. working. on. it. If you have any tips, comment below.
  6. Change up your routine. Don’t be a slave to habit (like moi) or a comfort zone. You know what they say, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”
  7. Practice forgiveness, regardless if you don’t want to — especially if you don’t want to. Easier said than done, huh?
  8. Write down your ideas. Life’s daily distractions will get in the way. I use Day One Classic Journal for Mac and sync it up to both my Macbook and iPhone, allowing me to write down ideas, thoughts, verses, etc. as they come to me. I also carry around this journal for ah-ha moments, and notes from meetings, etc.
  9. Empower those around you — there is room for every one of us. Don’t let comparison turn into competition.
  10. Surround yourself with those who make you laugh. It issssss good for you!
  11. Don’t let your “hungry” turn into #hangry. TIP: I always have a Kind Bar in my bag when traveling or on-the-go.
  12. Trust your instincts, your gut, your spirit, His spirit. Trust it and let it shape you, not break you. Make note of what’s in front of you and don’t be afraid to reach for it — but never fear the outcome.
  13. Make healthy eating a way of life, not a diet. Just the word diet makes me cringe (it’s. so. hard. on. us.) Engrain eating healthily into your daily desires and let dieting become a thing of the past.
  14. Speak optimism and purpose into your future. I’m the queen of preaching the self-fulfilling prophecy. Believe in your success and trust the process.
  15. Treat yo’self. You deserve it, need I say more?

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  1. kat

    Jessi, these are all great pointers! And I love that they are all actionable.

    Loving your new series!

    XO – KAT

  2. Bonnie

    Jessi! All great practices but! I have to pick #2.
    My closet needs a serious overhaul!!
    Thanks for the reminder! Please pray for me that I will
    Buckle down and do it! Love you, Bonnie

  3. Molly McConn

    So flattered I made it on this list – and what better place to be than number three?! I read through my gratitude journal last night and it was so neat to see the little things that made a large impact. I also write down a person’s name that touched me somehow.

    Workin’ on that water thing, too! I love coffee and LaCroix too much : /
    You’d love this article I’m going to post at the end of the week on how to approach a healthy lifestyle – check out BOD on Friday. I’ve been a postin’!

    Love you, J!

  4. Robin Paris

    Very good post. 1. Trying to do. 2. Have started in on my closet! 3.Write “thankful”s every morning and have for years. 4. I LOVE to read; no prob there! 5. Waah! 6. Difficult for me too. But aware God is stirring the nest. Trying to ready myself for what He has next…7. Prayer 8. Like the way you have synced your stuff. I have little pieces of paper all over. 9. Mentoring is a strength. 10. Fer shure! Belly laughs!!! 11. LOVE Kind bars. 12. Amen, girlie. 13. Again, Waah! 14. Yeah, I am with you there. It’s just in my head I get negative. 15. You deserve a treat for this post! Love you.

    1. Oh I how I love you!

      3. YES! 4. I heard you love my favorite book… 8. Syncing is essential #ADD 15. Donuts for everyone 😛

      XOX Jessi

    1. 32oz a day! I NEED to try that for the sake of my skin. The skin struggle is so real! XOXO

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