Currently Crafting: DIY Photo Wall, Bead Bracelets, & Rainbows

Getting creative and crafting is good for you. So is helping others. Tie the two together and that’s today’s post’s to-do.

I had the joy of sharing uplifting and fun activities last week with my fashion and personal based audience on @jessi_afshin. This task included embarking in 3 activities to potentially uplift your mood, help and encourage someone, or encourage you to cherish your memories (which btw – makes you feel really good). All the how-to’s are listed under my highlights, “crafts” under @jessi_afshin, but I wanted to link it all up here too.

Here’s what to do if you want to be inspired too:

☆ Order yourself some bead bracelet kits and string (all of our beads + string are listed below) and make bead bracelets for your friends (and yourself!) + then send a friend a handwritten letter, and bracelet to boot. One of my constant wishes back in 2019 was to spend more time handwriting letters; well now I definitely have the time. Your friends and your creative self will most definitely.. thank you.

☆ Create a photo wall using multi-colored washi tape. I printed mine out via in square photos with borders. This was truly one of the most fun activities for me; so uplifting and life-giving to be reminded of my rich community and friends over the years, and the memories in between.

☆ Have a paint + zoom night with the girl squad (wine encouraged, 21+). My girl squad painted rainbows because of the current trend going world bound – as kids in Italy started hanging drawn rainbows in their windows to spread hope; read more about the world rainbow movement here. We had some great squad catch up time, laughed, drank wine and painted them rainbows.

Scroll through for all tape, bead, string and painting + coloring links (I have linked tons of options for all). Check out my April bucket list post for my soul-feeding to-do’s during quarantine. Hope you liked this! XO J

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