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Mar 28

Total transparency: I don’t love writing beauty posts (this post admittedly took me 5 days to write just because I didn’t want to – ha).  Beauty has never been and will never be a main focus for me. **However**, I do believe in taking care of myself – and you taking care of yourself – especially in times we really need it, like now. Beauty posts are a once-in-a-year-type things for me so here’s what I’m dishing today:  

  • Getting bronzed: For the first time in 27 years, I tried a self tanner…and update: I love it.
  • Haircare: For over 2 years, I’ve been patiently growing out my hair.
  • Skincare: For 3 years, I’ve been acne free, after having a lot of acne. 

T H E .  T A N N E R:

I’ve never used a self tanner before because — my dad is of Persian descent and my mom is of German descent. This means when I’m in the sun, I get really dark (Persian). When I’m not in the sun, I get really fair (German). So here we are, quarantined mainly inside and my fair genes…obviously win. I also never tried a self tanner because my mom was always cautious about what chemicals I’ve I put on my body (we are a very au natural fam over here). Last but not least, I never used a self tanner – because I just didn’t know how – the whole idea of a “mitt” (is that even how you spell it?) scares me and I don’t love the whole blotchy or orange look (no thank you).

Until I found this one. And the best part? It works wonders on the face, adding a glowy bronze that doesn’t make me break out.

One of my best friends, Megan, is a brand rep with NuSkin, a well established 30-yr-old health and beauty company, with products being featured in Forbes, Marie Claire, all the good places we trust. She kept showing up to all of our gal-pal happy hours and rendez-vous with the most glowing, natural, and perfect tan. Then I discovered that she had just simply updated her self tanner. Of course, sold by a trusted companion – I tried and boy, am I sold too. Here’s why:

Here’s what made me ♡ this tanner

  • it looks so natural on the face, and so great on the bod
  • its build-able, and builds a sun-kissed and natural looking tan + glow (aka, not intense)
  • it uses naturally-sourced minerals
  • it absorbs quickly (so no streaks or splotches)
  • doesn’t smell bad
  • no mitt required
  • visible tan appears in 30 mins

Megan showed me a comparison between the St. Tropez Self Tanner (you’ve definitely seen this one on blogger’s IG Stories) and the NuSkin instaglow (pictured above). If you’re having cold feet about trying a self tanner (like I did for years), the comparison above gives you a really good idea of the color of the tan it leaves in comparison to more popular brands!

So here’s how to apply:

My BFF, Meg, is the rep for NuSkin, and I set up an account so you girls could snag it too. It’s $30, and worth every penny – I believe.

Try it and let me know what you think! 🙂

H A I R:

Let’s talk hair care. I really wanted to combine hair care into this post because right now (if you are quarantined) is a really good time to take advantage of giving your locks a break from the heat (curling irons, straighteners, blow dryers) and go au natural…do it for your split ends.

I’ve been growing out my hair for nearly 2 years – after having it terribly damaged by bleached highlights and 22-inch hair extensions (yes… guilty). That’s when I first met Michael (my current hair dresser and hair guru) and he had me change and shift a lot of things I was doing to better protect my locks. Here’s what:

Growing out my hair best practices:

  • Quarantine tip #1: Use this time to ditch the heat. My hairdresser, Michael, always knows when I’ve been putting too much heat on my hair (styling it a lot) just simply by the way my split ends look. He’ll say things like, “I can see you’ve been easy on your hair!” after not seeing him for 2 months – when I’ve tried to stay away from using my hair dryer or straightener often. So that’s what we are going to do, ladies. I’ve been body-showering and taking baths on repeat, and keeping my hair pinned back in a scrunchie, to keep my hair away from all the things. **COVID health tip: make sure to wash your hair after you have been around people, grocery stores, etc. 
  • Quarantine tip #2: Use this time to do a hair mask or 2 and get your hair and ends recovered. Since none of us can go see the hairdresser, now is a really good time to take care of the locks. Here is the best hair mask out there (every hair stylist and blogger would agree), and here is an affordable hair treatment I’ve been trying!
  • If you’re going to put heat on your hair, use heat protectant and try the all-in-one hair dryer to ditch going over your hair twice with heat (this dryer does both at the same time; I’ve been using it since last summer and I love it!). For heat protectant: I really like this $4 affordable drugstore version by L’Oréal.
  • This is a big one: Stop wearing regular elastic hair ties. This was the biggest change I had to make; when Michael turned my chair around and showed me the huge tear line that regular elastic hair ties were putting in my hair… I was shocked. Ever since, I completely switched to wearing scrunchies. When working out – I use GIMME beauty elastics only –  GIMMEbeauty elastics prevent hair tear and crease hair ties. You can try a fo freeeee 🙂 trial pack with my code: JESSI8OFF 🙂
  • Gummies or vitamins: I have been taking fish oil supplements and hair + skin probiotic gummies for years now just to ensure overall health. Tula just released new hair+nail+skin+probiotic gummies and I am smitten – plus they are cheaper than most on the market. Find them here (discount code: JESSI for 15% off).
  • Once quarantine is over: Go in for a trim every 1-2 months; yes this makes the growing out process take longer – but your hair will be healthier and thicker in the long run.

S K I N:

When I think skincare, I think… all over body and mind health, and Tula. After years of acne (and bio 2, heyo college of natural sciences at UT), I learned that my face is a direct reflection of what’s going on in my mind and in my stomach. Since ’tis the season of rest, now is a really great time to work on adjusting your exercise regime, getting your mind in as healthy a place as possible (given circumstances – praying, meditating, reading, being still as long as you can). And then there’s the skincare routines: topical solutions. I’ve written a full post into my acne journey and healing my skin, holistic practices I had to start, which foods I had to cut out; why and how I fell in love with Tula and why I partner with them now.

Since our faces often reflect the state of our minds and overall health. Use this time for you – and learn to heal. Here’s what you can do to better your skin for you:

  • drink lots of water
  • rest your mind as much as you possibly can
  • exercise, walk, bike
  • eat clean + take probiotics and supplements 
  • drink even more water
  • take epsom salt baths, light a candle, do a face mask – relax
  • make calming playlists and gratitude lists
  • get fresh air and that vitamin D (sunshine)
  • try to get 8 hours of sleep if you can (turn off screens an hour before bed)

I hope this post is helpful for taking care of yourself during these times when we have so much time to rest, to help our minds that are at unrest!


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