4 Years Later…

the darling detailthe darling detailThe Darling Detail is wearing a Pleione High-Low V-Neck Mixed Media Top, Leith Pleat Front Trousers, a Topshop Slouchy Longline Blazer, Steve Madden "Carrson" Sandals, Olivia Palermo x Westward Leaning 'Flower' Mirrored Sunglasses, a Larsson & Jennings 'Lugano' Mesh Strap Watch, and is holding a Marc Jacobs Leather Hobo.The Darling Detail Fashion Blog

Four years ago I started a little side hobby called The Darling Detail.

I coded my own website, had my mom take my pics, and then I tried to hide it from most people because I was so embarrassed by it. ????One full year went by and I’m pretty sure my mom was my only blog reader (????). I worked weekends and weeknights at @KendraScott to finance the blog and studied fashion at UT. ????

Two years went by and a good number of people told me that The Darling Detail wouldn’t be successful, but I didn’t care. I graduated, interned, worked, and got as much experience as I could – all the while planning to move to NYC to work in fashion.

???? Three years went by and my world was flipped upside down as I took a leap of faith, stayed in Austin, quit my day job, and walked blindly into a world where my passion became my full-time job at the age of 22 (and simply paying my rent was THE goal!). Four years have gone by since my first blog post…and my heart is so full. I do what I love, manage and am supported by a team of five (a big shout out to my brotographer Jordan who has taken our photography to a whole new level over the past 2 1/2 years!), work in my dream space, have seen and experienced pretty amazing miracles and am living a story that is unfinished. ????

So this is what I’ve learned: ????????????????Take the leap and pursue what you believe in, never back down to fear (don’t do it!), trust and be patient with the process, praise your way through the storms of life, humble yourself in the struggle, chase after your dreams (even if you’re the only one who believes in them), and always run after what sets your soul on fire (in my case, the glory is God’s). Thanks for supporting my dreams, darlings. I feel so thankful for you all!! ????

For more questions of blogging — find my story here, and answering blogging FAQs here.

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  1. Robin Paris

    Bravo my darling! You are an inspiration

  2. Congratulations my love. You are an inspiration and you are one of the first blogs I started reading! Today is actually my blogiversary toobut just two years and I’m having quite success but I’m happy to see where I may be in four. I love even more that you’re a lot younger than me so you have this whole thing ahead of you and you’re doing such a good job at it!

  3. Huong

    I left you a long comment on your IG post, but I wanted to leave a congratulations here too. You’re an inspiration, Jessi! Thanks for telling your story. You never know who might be reading this and needs to hear what you just wrote…congratulations!! xo

    She Sweats Diamonds

  4. Hailey Hart lamb

    Love this! You’re definitely an inspiration. Love what you do! ????

  5. Nicole Clemons

    HAPPY 4 YEARS TO YOU JESSI! You have come so far & are doing amazing things! I LOVE following you & all of the content you create. One thing I love about you & The Darling Detail is that you share motivation & inspiration along with fabulous fashion. As a new blogger, I can relate to your words of “being embarrassed at the beginning”, & I’m pretty sure my mom & boyfriend are the only two that read my blog haha. But the journey is important right?? If it weren’t for beautiful bloggers like you sharing, I may not be as motivated! Keep it up girl. xoxo

  6. Rachel

    Congratulations, Jessi! Just saw the post over on Instagram — such an amazing accomplishment! And so awesome that you followed your dreams and took the leap of faith. Also, how cute is Chloe with her bone!!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde’s Moment

  7. Jessica

    You are such an inspiration!!! Congratulations on an amazing feat and DANG! In only 4 years! So inspiring girl!

    xo, jess


  8. Katherine

    Happy four years! Thanks for sharing this, it is so inspirational 🙂 It definitely reminds me that I shouldn’t give up and hope to be as successful as you one day!


  9. Torey beeRman

    Congrats darling!!!! You deserve it 🙂


  10. MegaN

    Happy 4 year anniversary!!! I started reading your blog about 3 years ago when I was looking for fashion bloggers based in my home city. I have really enjoyed reading your posts and find so much inspiration in the things you write (not only on the fashion side, but also on the spiritual side)! All the best to you!!!

  11. Caroline Salas

    Congratulations on 4 years!!! That is amazing and you are incredible!! xo

  12. Nancy

    Congratulations.. very inspiring

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