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Darling Days

Aug 31

the darling detailthe darling detail

For today’s Darling Days, I wanted to give back to you guys and send over a major ‘thank you’ for following along.

I have been blogging for 3 1/2 years now and I am more than thankful for every single one of you and for supporting me along the way. I’m 23 years old and I’m confident there’s a lot more ahead, and your support means the world to me.  SO — I wanted to give back by hosting a little giveaway for my favorite girls.

Simply enter by submitting a comment on this post below; tell me what you’d love to see more of in a fashion blog, my blog, or any blog. More outfits? More staples? More inspiration writing? More personal topics? More blogging how-to’s? Give me an idea of what you guys are looking for and/or what you love!  Or tell me a little bit about yourself! Can’t wait to read.

I’ll randomly pick the winner from all comment submissions next Wednesday 9/7 and announce the winner here!

Congratulations to Meredith for winning the $100 Gift Card! Expect an email from me shortly 🙂 Thank you to everyone who commented — you all mean the world to me. I will be holding these giveaways every so often on Wednesdays. So keep checking back for more ways to engage and have fun with me! I appreciate you all, and thank you again for your love and support. XO

Good luck! XOXO

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  1. MartaG

    Hi! My favourite posts are those about style and fashion and I also love reading tips about things that are pretty but doable. I’d also love more info about Texas, I’ve never been there and I’m sure I’d love to go and explore it!
    Best regards from Barcelona, Spain! And thank you for the giveaway (is it open to Europe?)

  2. Kerri

    More staple wardrobe ideas! And I would love to hear more on your fitness/daily meals. Thanks:)

  3. Stephanie Phelps

    I would love to see more blogging how-to’s and more about plus size fashion would be awesome! I am a mom of four and I love to look good but I am a plus size!

  4. You are so precious. You know I adore your style and I love how your pieces are timeless but yet you dote on some trends as well. And I love it when there’s a story to go behind your outfits or we can hear your inspirational voice. Keep doing the amazing job you’re doing girl! You’re beautiful inside and out!

  5. Sarah

    I love your style. I’d love to continue seeing more outfits!

  6. ani

    Great! I love your blog, but how-to’s are always a good idea 🙂

  7. What an awesome giveaway! And thanks so much for visiting my blog the other day:) I absolutely LOVE your outfit posts–especially when you talk about closet staples and what is worth splurging on versus saving! Also love hearing your tips about blogging/social media/etc!


  8. Briana

    I always appreciate wear-to-work posts!

  9. Kate

    So nice of you! I love your outfit posts and also love seeing round ups/wishlist type posts of things you’re loving! Sometimes when bloggers buy something, then style/photograph/post it, it’s already sold out and not available… seeing wishlist type posts and round ups of things you love allows us to see and potentially buy things sooner! 🙂

  10. Erin J.

    I love seeing staples!! Trends are great, but I love seeing something I can really get value out of! Thank so much for a great giveaway!

  11. Amanda Stidam

    I’d love to see more outfits with inspiration on how to mux and match staples with trends

  12. Amanda

    I love your blog! I love reading your posts about your faith in and relationship with Jesus! As a 24 year old living in Austin- I am encouraged to know God is using you here and throughout the blogging community in mighty ways! You are changing the world by your decision to live boldly for Him! Keep doing what you’re doing! And if you ever need a fellow blog-loving, Jesus- following, Austin friend- lets grab coffee!

  13. Tasha

    Love reading this blog! I would love to see more young, professional work outfits. I definitely struggle with mixing cute and professional and would love a how to guide.

    Thank you!

  14. Miranda

    Everything you wear is exactly my style – would love to see some of the “collage” type posts where you lay out your favorite items for the season from different sites/sales! I also love the blogging advice; I’m thinking of starting my own and could definitely use it 🙂

  15. Emily

    I think it would be good to talk more about classic pieces vs. trendy pieces and where they may or may not work for you. Certain trends don’t work for everyone, but certain classic silhouettes don’t either. It’s often hard to not fall head over heels for a trend that really doesn’t work for you, so a little commentary on that would be helpful!

  16. KiM

    More outfits please 🙂

  17. Maddie rhoades

    I LOVE your inspirational posts and posts on closet staples! That’s what I would love to see more of 🙂

  18. Lauren WriGht

    AWESOME giveaway! I have subscriptions to a few different blogs and yours is one that I actually read every single time there’s a new post. Your style is super inspirational and I absolutely LOVE your recent posts about goal setting, getting inspired, and being patient. I can relate to all of them and they really have been helpful so that’s something I’d love to keep seeing. I love your posts about staples and what items are good to spend more money on for the quality. I’m at the point where I’m building my wardrobe with more quality staples so I find those posts super helpful!

    I’m a big fan of your blog and I’m excited to see what’s coming!

  19. Anna

    I love all of the affordable pieces that you put together! I would love to see more staples that can go from office to evening and change over seasons. I tend to shy away from items that can’t be versatile and I think that causes me to miss out on some great pieces! I am a big Nordstrom fan and love to see you feature so many of their items.

    xx Anna

  20. Yomara Frias

    I LOVE all your outfit posts, but I really enjoyed the how to clean your closet. Your tips were very helpful. I love your blog, especially being that were both from Texas!

  21. sydney85

    I really enjoy your blog. Just starting in the workforce I am in need of advice on outfits that I can mix and match plus what would be considered investment pieces. I went straight to your blog and found great information to help with those choices. I am very grateful.

  22. Jennifer

    I love links to pieces that are affordable and attainable (like yours!). Not a top from China – makes me nervous. Thanks!

  23. Rachel

    Fun! Love your blog. Love staple looks and also business casual for the office. I especially loved your prayer journal entry. I don’t know why I never thought of keeping a prayer journal that way. With my husband and I going thru an exciting move, it has been a journey for sure and I love seeing all the ways God has answered our prayers. So thank you so so much for sharing that post (and of course all the others) 🙂 you’re adorable and I look forward to all your posts! Have a blessed day! Xoxo Rachel

  24. Katelyn

    I love outfit posts and would love more “staples” posts- like building a wardrobe/accessories/shoes for various seasons, transitional season dressing, building a jewelry “wardrobe.” Your outfit posts have given me lots of great ideas and I love your style! I like some personal posts as you feel comfortable sharing-maybe some home decor, makeup/beauty posts too! Looking forward to more!

  25. Aubrey Yandow

    I love reading you darling day posts and I would love to continue reading more of those, I especially love how open and honest you are in those posts, which is why I love reading them. I would also like to see more Texas travel tips, I just moved here & would love to explore, but don’t really know what to see/where to go.

    xx The Coastal Confidence/Aubrey

  26. Stephanie

    I love your blog! It’s really refreshing that you intersperse personal / inspirational posts with your outfit posts and I think you have a great balance of both. I’d love to see more blog / building a business tips as well. Keep it up, your blog is awesome 🙂

  27. Dee

    Hi Darling Detail!

    First of all, well done on such an excellent blog from showcasing different outfits to managing the site on your own. Kudos! I really enjoy seeing your personal brand as you seem to get inspired by different tastes, but at the end of the day, you portray your own style, preferences, and overall look. In addition, I enjoy the consistency of your posts. I think what has helped make this a successful blog is enticing the readers on a regular basis, alerting them that something is yet to be revealed!

    For opportunities, it would be great to see pieces from more brands in a range of price mixes. I think this would diversify your audience to reach existing shoppers of certain brands and gain momentum from others’ spend threshold. However, to caveat, am unfamiliar with how contracts and partnerships work with your existing brands / companies.

    Looking forward to what’s to come! More power.


  28. Jenna

    Maybe blogging how to’s and more about your fitness plan? I love hearing what others do to stay motivated and healthy.

  29. Nicole Hampton

    I just recently found your blog and I look forward to getting an email telling me that there is a new post! I like seeing the outfits and accessories that you put together and would love to see more!

  30. Trish

    Hi ,
    Love your blog, but would like to see more affordable options .My style is classy but sometimes I think i play too safe and can look boring !Thanks for the chance of participating.

  31. Carolyn S.

    I love your blog and am so glad I found it! I shop so much more at Nordstrom because of you and your posts! Some things I would love to see you do on your blog are outfits for specific occasions, like an airport travel look, looks for different holidays, a black tie occasion look, etc. Another thing I would love to see is a post linking us to the best fall booties and showing you actually wearing the booties so we can see what they look like in “real life”! Keep blogging I follow you religiously! (PS would love that Nordstrom gift card to apply toward some new threads:) )

  32. Carolyne black

    I love reading your blog. I think you provide such inspiration for the “real” girl and outfits that anyone can emulate. You are always snap chatting out at restaurants and all that. I would love to see maybe some posts on your favorite places to eat around Austin. Keep the outfit posts and instagram round ups coming!

  33. Claire

    Your blog and Instagram opened my eyes to the affordability and stylishness that I’d forgotten about at nordstroms. The pieces you feature I may not have necisarrily picked out for myself had you not paired them.

  34. Kat

    Hi Jessi–I love your style and how you put things together. Especially when you show how to wear a certain piece several ways.

    I also love your Wednesday series! Keep it up! You are truly an inspiration!


  35. Courtney

    Love this!! So sweet Jess. Always forget my bestie is such a bebe haha, can’t wait to see what’s in store for your future! 🙂

  36. LaShaye

    I just recently discovered your blog, and I absolutely love it. I love how you incorporate your passion in your beliefs, as well as fashion. And last but not least I love how you always refer to when you first started and how you started. You have definitely inspired myself to get a blog going. I would love to see more fashion post, I really love your style. We’re close in age and we’re both in Austin super cool. You help me out with outfit ideas especially with the hot temperatures!

  37. Beth

    I would love to see more staples and business casual attire! Love your blog 🙂

  38. Christy Dubois

    I enjoy casually styled looks the most simply because that is what I wear daily. I also enjoy reviews of products because it helps me financially in learning more about a product and determining the probability that it will or will not work for me based on the review. I do not personally care for how to blog post simply because I do not blog however I understand so many newbies are obliging and need guidance therefore I understand those posts.

  39. Rachel

    What a fun giveaway! I always love all your outfit posts (especially those staple pieces!) but I’ve been loving your new “Darling Days” series! Last week’s post about trusting the process was super relatable and so true. Blogging how-to’s are always fun too! Congratulations, Jessi! Wishing you continued success!!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde’s Moment

  40. Alexa t.

    I love all of the fashion tips, how to’s, outfits you put together, and the seasonal staple items!!! I always look forward to your blogs especially so I have an excuse to go shopping to keep my wardrobe up to date! Thanks for inspiring my look and keeping my style trendy! Keep doing you, girlfriend! You’re killing it! Xoxo

  41. Kara

    Love the outfit inspiration! Maybe some hair and make up tutorials. Your hair and make up always look amazing!

  42. TA

    Love your blog! Would love to see more posts on outfits and also how to maximize staples. Keep posting as I love seeing your blog! 🙂

  43. Jackie miller

    I started viewing your blog for the fashion, but I love the inspiration that you give. Its so uplifting! Your doing an awesome job!

  44. Angel Petzoldt

    Awesome, who doesn’t love a gift card from Nordstroms!! Love your style and would just love to thank you for becoming a nordstroms addict !! lol My poor credit card from following, wouldn’t change it for the world.. Keep it coming .. 🙂

  45. Amy stetzler

    Love your blog, keep doing what you’re doing!

  46. Sarah Cavazos

    Hi! I’m kind of new to your blog but when I came across it, I fell in love! Your outfits are just perfect and I love seeing your little pup! I love your inspirational posts and especially love the posts about your outfits!


  47. Cierra

    I would love to see more investment pieces mixed with budget buys!

  48. gabriellacperez@gmail.com

    I just absolutely adore all your pieces, style and blog! I loved the makeup tutorial you did awhile back! I would love to see more of those types of tutorials. Also, I would love to see some office wear/business looks. I’ve wrote to you before about this, but I’m transitioning my personal wardrobe currently and could definitely use some advice on some trendy work attire. You have such a calling and incredible style for connecting effortless and timeless items but also keeping it trendy and cool.

    And most importantly, keep being you. I love the personality of your blog, the simplistic life advice, mantras, and do’s & don’ts. It’s always important to touch on those little things, here and there. (:

    Law School Student from Tampa, Florida

  49. the cape on the corner

    its a treat to see personal posts, but i like them all. home decor?

  50. Sydney

    Such a fab giveaway! I’d love to see some blog posts on blogging/social media tips!!
    xo, Syd

  51. Sam

    I would love some more staple pieces! When you are ballin on a budget and just starting your career, I need to invest in some staple pieces, but work them around affordable options as well! 🙂 Thanks!!

  52. Jamie

    More makeup tips!

  53. Savannah

    Can’t wait to read the blog posts from your Europe trip!

  54. alica rubio

    I’d love to see more lifestyle posts on here 🙂 Like a ‘What’s in my bag or What’s on my iphone’ post 🙂




  56. FilO garcia

    I would love to see more lifestyle posts. How you decorate your apartment, your travels, favorite spots in Austin, fitness tips and more! I love your fashion posts as well, I’d love to see a fall fashion must-haves under $100!

  57. Brianna

    Hi! Love your blog – it’s my go-to resource for the latest in fashion and I check it every single day! I would love to see more posts on staples, and how to build your wardrobe with key, timeless pieces 🙂

  58. Vanessa

    Congratulation on your blog success! Didn’t know you’ve been blogging for more than 3 yrs! That’s quite the accomplishment! I would like to see more outfit posts! 🙂
    I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  59. Brandy Kustanbauter

    I love reading your blog daily! (I always do during my downtime at work) My favorite things you post are “staples.” I love how you style them different way. I also love reading your inspirational posts! I feel like everyone can relate!

    Cant wait to see more from you!

  60. Kelly D

    I like to see time saving fashion advice.

  61. Polly

    I’d like more blogging how-to’s and learn more about the behind the scenes work you do for your blog!


  62. Tuyet trinh

    Hi there!

    I am 25 years old. Working as full-time nanny until
    I get into nursing school. I definitely think you should do a question/answer post about anything your subscribers/followers ask about you like relationships, life, beauty etc.

  63. Breann

    Hello gorgeous! I am recently new to following you. I love to see your outfits! Also your hair is fabulous, would love to see more! And everyday life is always fun to see????!

  64. Jacqueline Jolani

    Hey girl!

    I already love your blog but i think what i would love to see more of is maybe interior design ideas too! I love your home style as much as i love your fashion style. I know Liketoknow.it now has a home decor version so maybe you could use that too? Your home always looks so well put together and polished. Abaolutely love it!

    Jacqueline J

  65. Amelia Kissinger

    With fall approaching, I would love to see more staple pieces that you can dress up or dress down:)

  66. Kelly Alvarez

    When I found you I was excited the find a blogger who had the fashion sense that I love!! So, I would love to see more outfit ideas!!! Also since I recently added you on snapchat, I found out you worked/interned at these awesome places, it would be great to see what you did to lead you there!!!!

  67. KendraAndersson

    Love your style pieces, they are chic without being aging. I would love to see more work outfits that are still young and stylish. Thanks!

  68. Brooke

    I always love your fashion posts! I would love to see more posts with ideas for young professionals. I know I definitely get tired of my outfits, so mix and match and affordable staples would be awesome to see!

  69. katie

    Hi Jessi! I’m a huge fan of your blog, personal style and writing. I always enjoy reading your posts and my absolute favorite ones are usually where you’re showing us your travels or anything ‘behind the scenes’ into your life. I think we’d all love to just know more about you! Show us your favorite place to grab coffee in Austin, or maybe a favorite recipe you love making. Thanks and keep up the inspirational work! xo

  70. Vicki

    What a great giveaway! I love your posts on fashion and would love to see whether the clothes run true-to-size and what sizes you chose to get your look. Staple ideas are always helpful. Thank you!
    ????, Vicki

  71. Bec

    I would love to see more affordable looks! 🙂

  72. Paresa

    I would love to see more blogging tutorials and learn more about you! Pro’s and con’s of blogging? How you’ve grown your company over the 3 1/2 years? Topics like that!

  73. Karla

    Great blog! I would like to see more outfits that can be worn in a start up environment(i.e. More relaxed outfits)

  74. Mariah

    I think I’d like to see more affordable outfits. Some everyday wear that doesn’t break the bank.


  75. DarYn gordon

    Tips on packing light. I have a 12 day trip overseas coming up and don’t know how to stay stylish and keep my luggage light!

  76. Stayclassi

    Hello, I will introduce myself. I’m Neslihan, I’m from France l love fashion, arts. I love your blog, and this is cool there is a giveaway, yayyy! I think the best part of the blog is the fashion part! More fashion, please 🙂
    And thanks a lot for this giveaway!


  77. Kim pinco cole

    I look forward to your posts! My favorites are style related – mixing trends with classic pieces. And also showing difference price points for a particular look…

  78. Hannah pepper

    Such a sweet giveaway!! Love the posts on fashion and style. Maybe some posts on both affordable clothes and high end fashion.

  79. Layne

    I love your outfit post so keep those coming! Beauty and skin care are always fun to see. I love to see what other people love to use!

  80. EleanoR Joy

    I’d love to see more outfits in your fashion blog, inspirational writing and how-to’s. I’m from the Twin Cities in Minnesota and I know oh my god how does this girl up live north, survive cold weather and winters all around is the first thing that comes to your mind after you read that! Snow-tubing, skiing, snowboarding, sledding and so many more crazy fun activities filled my schedule growing up everyday, you name it! With all of that said, when I graduated from high school I decided to go to KU (University of Kansas). I had the best experience and couldn’t have chosen a better school had I known my experience and 4 year undergrad plan was going to be cut short. Over winter break my sophomore year, I went on a ski trip with friends in Winter Park Colorado. The third day there, I experienced and bad a fluke accident when I had took a dangerous fall on “Forget Me Not” which was the name of the slope. I was air lifted to the hospital from help patrols asap.

    This was 3.5 years ago and if it wasnt’t for my close friends and family I’m lucky enough to have, I wouldn’t have made it. I have worked so hard cognitively during my recovery and reading and processing information is something I progress with everyday! Reading every blog post and any sort of entry of yours is always a big highlight of my day because I love your writing style and can’t take my eyes off of them haha. I was going into the journalism program at KU and reading Darling Detail is definitely something that keeps me motivated to continue working hard at writing and staying in school to go kick ass with a real job in near future someday????????

    Eleanor Cizek

  81. Naeema

    Love your blog! My fav posts are the fashion/style ones. Would love to see more makeup/beauty related posts 🙂

  82. Theresa

    Thank you for this giveaway! I really enjoy your post about how to wear certain pieces as well as outfit posts.


  83. Natalia


  84. ClaIr

    So excited for this giveaway! I love seeing all the looks you post, but I can’t always afford them. ☺️

  85. Judy

    Hey girl! I’ve been following your blog for about a year now, and I love everything you do. As a college student here in Texas, I really appreciate all of your posts about wardrobe basics! Those posts really help me buy seasonal items that keep my wardrobe fresh, without me breaking the bank! I hope to see some more posts about those items for the fall/winter 🙂 x

  86. Em

    I’d love more posts about work-wear or how to incorporate trends into work-wear! Love your blog and your style!


    I would love to see some easy fall outfits using clothing from summer spruced up with early fall accent accessories!

  88. Morgan

    I love reading blogging how-to’s but know that doesn’t appeal to as wide of an audience sooo .. I think more posts like your recent “2 ways to wear it” would be cool! I also LOVE your chic minimalist style so hearing about how you achieve this without having to add jewelry and what not would be so cool!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  89. Hunter

    I love how colorful and happy your Instagram and blogs are! Thanks for shining bright! I’m 23 as well and I just got married and moved to KY. I’d love to see posts about how you do your hair and makeup, and ways to look good when you’re in a rush! Much love 🙂

  90. CaitlIn

    Hi! Love your insta feed and love trying out all of your recommendations in Austin! I would love to see more “affordable finds” not that I’m not always dying over your Chloe bag, can’t wait to invest in one.

  91. lisa

    More closet must haves!

  92. Yeni

    Hi! I think it would be a great idea if you did a post about when traveling “packing light” but with versatile clothing pieces to still be able to create multiple outfits. Love your blog! XO

  93. adriana cardenas

    hi! my name is Adriana i’m from Mexico.
    Love your sense of humor,you’re so pretty. well in your blog i would like to see more about how is your personal life,and how you match both fashion and life, also how to stand out a look during the seasons 😉 besos desde Mexico

  94. Sara

    Would love to see more traveling fashion tips 🙂

  95. Brooke

    Hi! I follow your Instagram and I love your posts. Your outfits you put together are awesome because they aren’t too expensive and can be so versatile. I see you love Jesus too! 🙂 I love to read any “how to” on any blog so maybe a little more of that. I look forward to reading more blogs and posts from you!

  96. MaryEllen

    It’s been really cool watching your blog grow! I really respect you for staying true to yourself and setting a good example for girls in their 20’s (me)! Keep it up!

  97. West

    Definitely always end up buying what you feature as high quality basics/staples. It’s great to see how you reuse pieces too.

  98. Paige nebens

    That’s so nice of you to do a give away!! As much as I love your outfit/fashion posts, I love the more personal posts. I’m a senior in college, so I find them super relatable!!

  99. Amber leigH

    I think that your blog is absolutely darling, darling! 🙂 I love how you keep it interesting by having a wide variety of topics. I think that you should keep on keeping on the way you are! I love that you post photos of yourself modeling the outfit and accessories to give the reader a better visual. It really helps me! Thanks for being so beautiful! 🙂

  100. Bela

    I love that you love Nordstrom as much as I do! But I do wish you had more of a variety of stores with a variety of prices. As much as I love Nordstrom/J.Crew/Loft, they can get pricey sometimes. Regardless, I love everything you post and keep doing more of it!

  101. Reilly King

    I would love to see more inspiration writing! I go to UT, and I love everything on your blog. Stay awesome and keep Austin weird.

  102. lydia Morgan

    This is an awesome giveaway! It’s always fun to give back. I’ve been following you on Instagram for a while now and you are definitely one of my inspirations for blogging! You’re great!

    Thanks for everything, and you’re lovely style!

    Lydia, The Cool Mom


    Thank you for giving back! I recently discovered your blog and I have not only purchased SEVERAL items that you have shown but also styled older pieces that I already owned in a way that I hadn’t worn them before so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! It is so nice to not always have to go shopping and still feel like I have on a new outfit. I would love to see more personal stories about you and more of Chloe!!

  104. West Hardin

    I love seeing wear to work and staples/basics!

  105. Mandy Stewart

    I love your fashion posts! I found you on Insta and followed the blog because I liked your style so much!

  106. Katrina Steffensen

    I love your blog! I really enjoy your posts about blogging and styling your hair. I’d love to see more of those. Thanks!

  107. Yana

    So excited about this giveaway!! Who doesn’t love Nordys? As a mom of two, it’s not always possible to splurge and buy everything I want. Would love to read some posts about your favorite affordable sites/stores and how you are able to keep a budget but also stay on top of the latest fashion trends. Also, as a fellow Christian, would love to hear about some of your favorite podcasts and/or books that keep you encouraged and steadfast in this world. Thanks again for blogging… I enjoy reading your posts and being inspired!

  108. Jane

    Yes! I love your blog so much! It is so unique compared to other blogs/bloggers. I would love to see more of the newest trends on blogs! 🙂 P.S. Please post more beauty tips! Your hair is absolutely beautiful!

  109. Kelli

    Love your outfit style. It’s cool that you getting your reading involved in your blog. I would love for you to show more versatile outfit, that could be reweared in different way.

  110. Kimberly

    I would love to see more of “a day in the life” type of blogs!

  111. Erika W.

    I love travel posts. I also enjoy wardrobe basics posts and ones showing items that look expensive but are not at all!

  112. Sydney baysden

    I would love to see some more closet organization tips! How you organize your handbags, necklaces, sunglasses, etc.!


  113. Carlee

    I would love to see more blogging tips, as well as some fitness inspo and food tips! I am a recent follower, and I have been loving scrolling through the outfits you post on Insta. Thank you for providing great inspiration! 🙂

  114. Kristina

    Love your blog! I think you have a really nice balance now, however you can never have to many staples!

  115. Michelle Joseph

    When I discovered your blog I was hooked because not only do you have style but you’re faith-based too. And my faith means a lot to me.

    I would personally love to see more work style outfits. I’ve started a new job and am finding it hard to style corporate work wear in a ‘darling’ way lol. Please help.

    Mich x

  116. Haley cIssel

    Love your blog!! I would love to hear more about the room you take your photos in. The wallpaper is TO DIE FOR!!! Obsessed.

  117. jodie filogomo

    I do love the outfit posts—to me showing an item styled more than one way makes me realize how to style my own pieces!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. Maura K

    Hi! I love your blog! I love the new posts your doing about well being for the mind and body! It’s a fun change and I really love reading them! I look forward to your daily posts <3


  119. Rebecca marshall

    Thanks for the giveaway! You are so adorable! I love how you mix high end looks and also provide lower end looks. Something for everyone!

  120. charise farmer

    I LOVE your style! Outfit posts are always appreciated and i love how you share the details of each outfit and where they are from. I also like reading your other posts as well, cleaning out your closest (literally) being one of my favorite.

  121. Leah

    I love your blog! I always like to hear about food/ activities from bloggers so I have suggestions to go off of when traveling!

  122. Leigh Ann

    Hi, I love your blog & all of your posts. I love how you are able to put together so many simple pieces and turn it into an amazing outfit – its so practical for college people like me trying to build a closet of staples and save money. I would love to see some more lifestyle posts so we can get to know you a little better!:)

  123. Sabrina Lin

    I would love to see more staples!!! I love your style so much jessi!!!

  124. Alexa

    I love the variety of your blog posts! It’s definitely a fashion go-to. I would love to see more of “how-to’s”

  125. KelseY pawsat

    I would love to see more vlogs of hair, makeup and fashion tutorials!! Love following you on insta as well!

  126. Darlene

    Congratulations on 3 1/2 years! That’s quite an accomplishment and definitely something that you should be proud of. I love your content and am looking forward to many more years of your blog posts! The type of posts I’d love to see more of are home decor/interior related! I can never get too much home inspo!

  127. Emily caV

    I am a busy 7th grade English teacher. I would love to see more outfits for work (business casual). Keep up the great work!

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    XO Courtney

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    Dear Jessi,
    I check your blog daily and love everything you do. You are a true inspiration! Honestly, I don’t think you need to make any changes at all. If I had to chose, and I am really thinking about this, I’d love to see more of your beauty routine. How you decide to do your hair and makeup to coordinate with the outfits. (i.e. what hair products you use, the makeup brands you can’t live without, the order you apply your makeup. )
    As far as outfits, more “athleisure” and athletic wear would be great. I admire how fit you are and am curious how you stay so fit. What workout classes you attend (if any), or what you eat/drink.

    I think you do an exceptional job and I notice a lot of your staples, so I think you are spot-on and helpful to viewers with wearing certain accessories more than once (your watch, purses, sunglasses etc). I personally don’t care for a lot of inspiration writing unless it goes along with the inspiration of the outfit. Personal topics would be nice, i.e. where you were going when you decided on the outfit.

    My absolute favorite thing, are the quick links to your outfits. I buy so many of the clothes you wear and it makes my shopping easy and effortless. You are my own personal stylist, so THANK YOU!!!

    Thank you for all that you do, you are helpful to those of us who love fashion but don’t have the time or financial ability to afford a personal stylist. You are admired!

    All the best,


  284. Hannah G

    I would really like to see some fashion posts about dressing up basics and using a small wardrobe most efficiently!

  285. Ashley Perez

    I would love to see more outfits that are affordable to buy.

  286. Rachael

    I always love posts that show one signature piece styled a few different ways. I also tend to read more in-depth when it comes to cute home decor inspirations. Congrats on a fabulous blog!


  287. Maddie

    This is such a cute idea!! Definitely more outfits!

  288. Susan Christy

    I really enjoy fashion posts – especially full outfits including accessories.

  289. yVONNE

    Absolutely staples! I wish I had half as many clothes as you do, but unfortunately I cannot afford that so I would love to see less trendy pieces that I can get max use of. Also maybe cheaper clothing options more often, like Target or Old Navy brands (again, budget).

    Something I’d like to see as well is how you organize your closet and shoes!

    And the biggest thing of all: petite sizing! I know you are somewhat petite at nearly 5’4 but I am SUPER petite at just 5′. If you’re able to incorporate really petite friendly pieces or mention if you think something would work really well on those under 5’3 I would really appreciate that.

  290. Bonnie

    Your style is impeccable. I love how you mix high-low to make the look achievable for a wide variety of style mavens. Xoxo

  291. Kim Henrichs

    Would love to see some local travel posts!

  292. Lindsey

    I always love to see work-appropriate outfits (that are still cute)!

  293. chelsy ethridge

    Of course I love the fashion posts so keep that up. I would love to see more inspirational and/or personal posts. As a blogger, I find it awesome to really get an inside look at someone’s everyday life or thoughts. Instead of just me talking about food or clothes all the time, I have been writing about my relationships and family and it is super therapeutic to find that there are a ton of your readers that go through the same thing 🙂

  294. Jessica

    Such a lovely giveaway ! I always love seeing your outfit posts but I think that maybe some blogging advice/ tips would be lovely ! I would love to learn about your photographers camera setup…. ouuu that could be cool maybe let him write a post about what he uses / his tips as well !

    Anyways, this is so generous and you keep on blogging girl because your amazing !


  295. hensley

    would love to hear more about your fitness/ wellness routine

  296. Teah

    Hi, thanks for the great giveaway! I have been following your blog for about 1.5 years now and love your style and outfit picks. I would probably like to see a weekly posting of “weekly fashion finds” that highlight 5-10 great finds for that week (clothing, shoes and accessories).

  297. Kerry

    Love that you’re asking for feedback! Would love to see more closet staples that are styled multiple ways to get the most out of each piece. Also would be amazing if you did a makeup tutorial- your makeup always looks beautiful! Love your blog! Xx

  298. Janice

    Great giveaway! Outfits only!

  299. Sarah

    I love seeing you’re outfit posts because you’re style is so cute! I also love seeing your inspirational posts!
    XOXO Sarah

  300. Lisa

    I love your style. So clean and trendy. I get a lot of inspiration for work outfits. Would love to see some more casual work outfits! ????

  301. Emily

    My favorite posts are definitely style and travel. Round-ups are always extremely helpful for getting ideas!

  302. Lisa Fischer

    I loved your recent post on business casual made chic. I enjoy buying unique pieces, but find that I have a hard time making them work for my daily look since I have to dress business casual for work. The look you posted was a PERFECT way to add interest to a traditional work outfit. I would love some more inspiration on how to fancy up a work normal outfit and give my work-wear some more personality. Love your blog and your simple-chic style! x

  303. Melissa

    I love blogging how to’s!

  304. KV

    I enjoy the fashion posts. I’d like to see staples that can be used for different occasions. Thanks for having the giveaway!

  305. Sarah Libby

    First off, I read and view your blog daily. It is one of the first sites I go to every single morning. That says a lot! I just turned 30 and I have been reflecting on my life and style, and I have been really trying to find myself. Your blog to me, is pretty on point in all ways! I really like how you show a favorite shoe, or watch, or purse multiple times and put it together with a different article of clothing. It shows diversity with a product that someone may already have. I am always looking forward to seeing stylish and beautiful outfits that make you feel good about yourself, but also that are reasonably priced. Affordable outfits is what seems to be key among your followers. We live in an era where we don’t want cheap or cheap looking, but affordable for our daily budgets. Finding the “on sale” you adore, would be beneficial and grateful posts! Your blog makes me want to become more organized and up-kept. I live in South Carolina, which is mostly muggy hot, but we do have the ups and downs in our weather. I am always looking for the next stylish outfit for any type of weather or event. I’m sure you hear this a lot, but you do inspire many people and I look forward every day to assimilating you and your styles. Your gift card giveaway could not come at a better time for myself personally, but for any woman with the desire to feel better about herself. SO thank you!

  306. Hope Stakes

    more outfit staples please and thank you! xoxo

  307. Sanaa Charania

    Love you blog 🙂
    My favorite kinds of posts on any blog are outfit posts. Though I may not buy or own the same things, the posts help/inspire me to create new outfits out of my own wardrobe that I hadn’t thought of before. It would also be nice if once in a while, you include links to pieces similar to the ones you are wearing, but for petite women. Often times I think of purchasing a garment you’re wearing, but then don’t because I know it won’t fit me the way it fits you.

  308. ann

    Your blog is adorable – definitely would appreciate more of your aesthetic and inspiration on the home decor front and the beauty side – I love your hair! Also Chloe is such a cutie – I’m a cav mom too and I love her instagram ha!

  309. Erin B

    I’d love to see more blog posts on the ‘do’s and don’t’ of styling and how to create polished and complete outfit options’!

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